Treasure Island Casino and Resort

Treasure Island Casino and Resort

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With more than 75 cards, slots, table games, video poker and internet gaming available, and 2,200 game credits available to you, you always have new and exciting games to experience at Treasure Island Resort & Casino. At Treasure Island Resort & Casino, our dedicated team of staff, dealers and gamblers are focused on our customers' pleasure and satisfaction. The Treasure Island Resort Casino & Lounge is the state of Minnesota's only open-box casino, open to the public year-round. The Treasure Island Casino & Lounge is a "gaming room" built on the site of a state-owned former military munitions site in St. The Treasure Island casino boasts numerous dining options and beverages for two, two- or three-hours at each table. Anthony.

Treasure Island Resort and Casino, Official Best of Minnesota

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We pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality products to ensure your experience with us is as stress-free as it can possibly be. Our professional staff can provide you with all of your options, from a basic session at our "casino card room" to a full day of exciting gaming. Mystic Lake Slots in Prior Lake, for example, features over 200 games available including classic hand-to-hand fighting in a real ring. You will receive your official Casino & Lounge VIP Card, along with our personal phone number for our friendly staff, and with that, we will provide you with special information on how you can best enjoy your time at the Treasure Island Resort Casino & Lounge.

Treasure Island Casino and Resort

The Treasure Island Resort Casino & Lounge features a large poker area with two full tables (9 x 12 feet) for all of your table-top gaming needs. We offer our own wide range of poker games, some of which even have special rules for card matching. Treasure Island Resort & Casino. Our casino games have not been "re-invented" yet, but we have been able to get the "right stuff" at the right price. The Treasure Island Resort Casino & Resort, located directly across the street from Treasure Island, boasts our own "card room" (which may also be called a hotel room or casino game room) and an additional "table" with six more (8 x 8 feet) of poker tables for your table-top gaming needs.

In addition to the regular gaming options, all Treasure Island Resort & Casino is also the only "Gambling Area" of its kind in Minnesota; this is a casino/shopping mall located in the back of the casino with an elevator accessible from the hallway.

Other points of interest:

  • Since 2012, Treasure Island Resort and Casino has been a popular destination for visitors seeking relaxing, social, recreational and entertainment experiences. This unique combination of the old world charm of a luxury hotel and the excitement of a casino means guests can relax, party and splash around in the resort while attendingevents, events. From Friday to Sunday, admission is FREE.

    All guests are welcome at Treasure Island Casino Resort. Please click HERE to get a FREE VIDEO TOUR OF THE GOLDEN STATE!

  • The complex has been serving guests since its inception in 1994 and now sports a population of 22,000. The resort was designed by J. Kast, who has over 40 years experience designing theme parks, resorts and resorts around the world. With over 35 award-winning locations, Treasure Island Resort and Casino offers guests in Minnesota the chance to experience both the rich history of the Twin Cities, and now the latest trend with the world's largest and best-known casino. The Casino features the highest quality in casino, poker and sports gaming in the world.

    The Hotel and Spa provides guests with all the conveniences of a hotel, plus entertainment in the finest settings, plus exclusive hotel services and services.

  • Our bar serves up great craft brews, craft cocktails, craft beer and a fine selection of wines. A selection of $300+ wine pairings are available. Plus, guests receive an additional $10 cash value on all other purchases.

    Treasure Island Casino also offers a 24-hour casino security guard.

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