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Visit Gala to experience a beautiful night out at the club or relax at the club's beautiful clubhouse. Grosvenor Casino Birmingham is also home to several award winning dining institutions, as well as the local arts community. The Clubroom Room and Lounge features a private dining room with seating for 18 (or more) with the finest private dining rooms in Birmingham. Grosvenor Reading has a perfect location for a relaxing yet stylish escape from the hustle and bustle of Stowe! The gala kitchen (the first) provides incredible food and beverages including premium wines, fine spirits and other premium items made from fresh and premium ingredients from around the globe.

The restaurant also features the best sushi, a superb wine tasting bench, a fabulous Bar and grill, and the best outdoor seating in the Birmingham area, including the outdoor pool in the lounge area. Grosvenor Casino Birmingham was the host of the Birmingham Glam Awards 2015, and host the " Best of Birmingham " award in the UK. Genting Casino Birmingham Hotel is easy to walk from Chinatown to San Diego and from Chinatown to Los Angeles. The Casino of the Year award given each year in the UK and USA, Gala 2013 (UK) was named, followed by 2011 (USA) and 2010 (UK). This is one of the most well-known Casino Clubs as well as the "Best" Casino in Birmingham.

The facility is very close to the Grand Hotel, a beautiful and comfortable hotel with modern furnishings and modern amenities. The Clubroom Room and Lounge is located close to the Grand Hotel, as well as the Birmingham Convention Centre. Genting London offers many great things to do inside and out of the casino dining room. This club is one of several that boast a wide variety of events, activities and activities within a relatively cheap cost of admission. From its award winning casino nights for the local industry throughout the year, as well as offering great entertainment and sports activities including darts, table tennis and bingo, and more.

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Grosvenor Casino Birmingham opened in December 2011, and is located just a few minutes by bus from the City Center Shopping mall. One of the biggest reasons to visit is Birmingham's entertainment scene as well as its great nightlife which makes every visitor want to stay longer! The Grosvenor casino is not only great for the players but for the staff and guests as well. Grosvenor is home to the biggest family of sports and entertainment franchises in the UK: Grosvenor Casino Birmingham.

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham's Grosvenor Skydeck (aka Casino, located on the Grosvenor Skydeck which is located directly across the main road from the main entrance into the casino.

We are proud to help the community improve our community, making our club more appealing to all. The Grosvenor Casino Birmingham is a unique and unique venue. It boasts several casinos throughout the country along with great entertainment, restaurants and bars. It also boasts the largest sports and entertainment facilities in Birmingham, as well as numerous other attractions.

The Casino is located within a small walking distance to numerous attractions and is conveniently accessible via train as well. One of the best features in the casino is the "Glam Bar". In addition to being great food and beverage venues, the Grosvenor Casino also provides much entertaining entertainment during the week, with concerts, movies, exhibitions and much more.

Additional information:

  • By entering the Grosvenor casino Birmingham in the Blackpool casino promotion, you are entering the Grosvenor Casino Birmingham's Casino Game Shop or Casino Gift Shop. All players in both the casino games and casino gift shops of the Grosvenor casino Birmingham are entitled to two free casino games each in the casino games and in casino gift shops during the promo period. There are a number of rewards available through Blackpool Casino, as well as other online casinos.This offers you the opportunity to play online casino games. For complete details of Blackpool casino promotions and casino bonuses, please refer to the website or contact us by telephone.
  • The Grosvenor Casino Birmingham's outdoor playing area will make you want to stay back longer and enjoy better views over the vast pool and poolside courtyard. Grosvenor Casino Birmingham has hosted World Series Events; including the 2008 Indian Premier League; with the Grosvenor Casino Birmingham being the world's largest gaming venue for the 2008 Indian Premier League (IPL) when it hosted the Indian Premier League, the first international game in the IPL.Grosvenor Casino Birmingham is the ultimate night and day resort in the beautiful city of Birmingham. From mid-range to mid-priced, the Grosvenor Casino Birmingham is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts and players in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, the UAE and beyond, who want a unique experience for the low price of just £15 (or less for members). You can also pick up from our Grosvenor Sports Centre to visit with the men, women, women teams in our fantastic local football.
  • Grosvenor Casino Birmingham is a member of the UK's Global Casino Group and GGC has a presence in five countries: Australia - Australian Hotels & Resorts, New Zealand - World Event Gaming, Japan - The Bancolombia Hotel and Casino, the United States - MGM Grand, The Mirage Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and other US casino locations: Chicago - MGM Grand, Las Vegas - Wynn Resort and Casino, New Orleans - Orleans Casino Center, Nashville - Nissan Stadium, San Diego - MGM Grand, and others. If you wish to learn more about Grosvenor Casinos, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions. Grosvenor Casino Birmingham has a limited number of slot machines, which are set to expire on March 31, 2015. Therefore, if there is any chance that you will be able to purchase this limited number of slots on this date, Grosvenor Casino Birmingham would appreciate if you make the call today on 01753 740350 to check whether the Grosvenor Casino Birmingham slot machine number to be purchased has expired.
  • The Grosvenor Casino Birmingham website offers a wealth of casino information including: casino rules, information about the Casino, links to local casino ratings and ratings tables, reviews and reviews of Grosvenor Casino Birmingham and many other Grosvenor Casino Birmingham listings. Ticket prices are listed in US Dollars for the general public and UK Pounds for residents within Australia. We suggest you contact us if you have any questions or comments about the Grosvenor Casino Birmingham site. We encourage you to keep on shopping!
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