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A local Las Vegas casino is located about 15 miles away on the site of the old Gage Park Casino. While the Genting Group has been around for nearly 40 years they're not well known in the region. Grosvenor Casino Leo Liverpool is located next to Grosvenor International Airport in Barcelona. However there's much more to Genting Casino Nottingham than meets the eye, and this page will tell you more about the casino's history. The Genting Group began in the early 1980's, after the former owner of Gage Park Casino, John "Peebles" Beattie and the Genting Group purchased the property.

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With Genting Casino Nottingham being located at the center of the Genting Group's headquarters town the casinos became part of the Genting Groupstrategy in developing their new casino, and were the first Las Vegas casinos to be built. Initially at least, it was thought that Beattie would simply make a small donation to the Genting Group before retiring and passing his ownership to his son, Gary. Grosvenor Casino Nottingham has 5 poker tables to choose from and 2 keno tables. This would give Gary the financial freedom to expand his own gambling empire, at the same time making the Genting Group look better on paper.

Genting Casino Nottingham has a full-size casino table

However Gary and his siblings never really followed through on their promise, until Paul Beattie was brought on board. In the mid 1982's as Gary and his siblings got into business Gary began using some of the casino's old equipment, and eventually he even used Genting's name in some of his promotions. Grosvenor Casino in Bristol offers a wide variety of video poker games.

Genting Casino Nottingham grew quickly. Gary Beattie continued to move Genting Casino Nottingham further and further west, so that it eventually ended up right next to the Westgate Entertainment Center, a casino that was opened in 1995. Genting Casino Reviews out boys, delivers an amazing welcome bonus package up to £2000 + 150 Bonus spins. Paul Beattie and his children sold their interest in Genting Casino Nottingham to a Japanese man.

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He was a member of their family since the Beatties began to be involved in the Genting Group, and he was in charge of the Genting Group's investments in Japan when they purchased the Genting Casino Nottingham hotel in 1997. In this time, Paul Beattiesons Paul and Robert have become even more involved in the Genting Group. Paul had been a partner in the Genting Group's casino business for some time and even as late as 2012 he was still working in the casino office. The roulette house edge increases so much that it’s literally crucial to take notice. When his younger sons started working for the Genting Group he decided to leave the casino business, and moved them closer to the Las Vegas area rather than further west, but they continued to keep the Genting Casino Nottingham hotel as the hotel is the only Genting Group casino currently in Las Vegas.

Genting Casino Nottingham

Today Genting Casino Nottingham is a Las Vegas casino, and Paul Beattie and his family are among its biggest tenants. Genting's Las Vegas casinos are well known for their large gambling tables and a variety of high-tech electronic equipment. If you want to see what Genting's Las Vegas casinos look like check out the video above. The Grosvenor Casino Glasgow, Riverboat, has been voted one of the finest Indian restaurants in the UK based on customer reviews and customer support! Genting Casino Nottingham operates on a Monday through Sunday schedule, Monday and Friday.

Genting Casino Nottingham opened on December 4, 1993, the same day MGM opened. Genting Casino Nottingham is located about 20 miles north of the city of Las Vegas. Genting's Las Vegas casinos are currently one of the largest in the United States with more than 50,000 square feet of gaming, including several tables for Live casino games, as well as an 11-screen Laser Dome Cinema, a bar and a restaurant. In 1993 Genting Casino Nottingham's casino was the only one in the Genting Group's ownership, and it is still owned and operated by Genting Casino Nottingham.

As Genting's Las Vegas casinos gain in popularity Genting Casino Nottingham is becoming a popular destination for visitors to the Las Vegas areas. It is the largest Las Vegas casino.


  • Instead, it boasts eight tables from which customers can enjoy games, games by the pool, and sports, as well as the best sports bar and bowling club with a lot of space. The casino also has a number of other entertainment venues including the world of music, entertainment by radio and television, and a number of venues, including the famous "Alford" Club (formerly known as The Royal Ballet of Nottingham) and The Royal Club of Nottingham's main concert venue. The Gentling Casino at the entrance to the Gentling Casino Nottingham. The Gentling Casino Nottingham also has a number of other entertainment venues for patrons to enjoy as well as sports venues, music venues, the arts, and even more, entertainment by radio and television stations.Genting Casino Nottingham also has a number of other entertainment spaces including one of the world's best live music clubs that hosts two different live music nights an hour.
  • It is a smaller one though, with a mere 60,000 square feet of gaming area, and only 13 tables. In terms of entertainment, Genting Casino Nottingham offers live entertainment in the form of a concert series, with concerts in the form of The Wombats performing at the end of the week. The gaming area at Genting Casino Nottingham can be seen above, while the lounge area can be seen below.
  • To find a smaller casino with more playing slots and card tables in your area click here. Gamblers who want to play poker but can't play at one of the more popular casinos in the area, Genting Casino Nottingham is a good bet.
  • Genting Casino Nottingham is open Mon - Wed between 9:30am - 6pm, Thurs and Fridays between 9:30am - 6pm. Genting Casino Nottingham has three main venues available to play. One of these is the on-site bar area. The two smaller venues are not on the main area, but are at the corner of East End Road and Burton St, for those seeking a quick get together.
  • The larger slot machines are in the Nottingham Hilton Hotel, which is less than twenty minutes away, and the Genting Gold Casino in Nottingham is only three years old and has just opened its doors. Genting Casino Nottingham is open daily for play, and is open to all ages and levels. Genting Casino Nottingham is not affiliated or connected in any way to the Genting Group casinos or any Genting Group subsidiaries.
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