Rio Las Vegas Map

Rio Las Vegas Map

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Rio Las Vegas Spa‒ is where Las Vegas has come to life and what you’ll find when you’ve arrived at Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Our Las Vegas Spa brings you to the moment with our unique blend of entertainment and relaxation. The Las Vegas Sports Books is worth the trip. From our spectacular outdoor pool located outside, our indoor pool in the hotel provides the perfect opportunity to swim in sparkling water or soak in our signature 360-degree view.

Rio Las Vegas Seafood Buffet Full Tour

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When you've reached for the towel we invite you to relax at our private outdoor pool spa. Whether you need your spa day wrapped up in comfort, we’ll help create the best possible mood! Vegas Viva Slots game doesn’t force you to travel with a travel cart singing determine music. While we‪guarantee every wedding will be an experience, we know it wouldn‪t occur to a couple who would have the most memorable wedding day‪ without a breathtaking 360-degree view of Las Vegas. The most spectacular photos we've captured in Vegas were taken from the hotel.

Rio Las Vegas in Rio All Suite hotel and Casino is located in downtown Rio, and just blocks away from the famous Caesars Palace and the world famous Grand Sports Center Casino (and Las Vegas' premiere strip club).

With stunning views of the beautiful Las Vegas Strip - and our signature location of breathtaking swimming pool views at Rio Las Vegas, you truly can have your dream day here at Rio Las Vegas Resort. Whether you need your wedding to last past the half-hour mark or get you and your entire family into the action, enjoy our intimate, private lounge where you can relax, play board games and enjoy the music and dancers of our most exclusive entertainment club and music lounge. Resorts World Las Vegas News Hotel also features the "Resort Bar". As you arrive, you will find that there is always some entertaining to be had. As guests, you will enjoy a fully equipped bar to serve you drinks and refreshments before you relax on our outdoor pool spa.

You‪ll feel right at home on our lush landscaped patio, where you can be among the sunsets and enjoy views of the Las Vegas Strip during your ceremony at this historic hotel. The views are so incredible. Be noticed by all! The Rio Las Vegas has an expansive dining menu, even though it sits outside the casino. Whether you‰re dressed in beautiful, stunning attire or stylishly executed, you'll be enjoying some truly stunning, stunning Vegas.

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We‰guarantee that we‰love‰to‰see you‪ at our gorgeous resort location. As our most exclusive club, we‰guarantee you there will be entertainment and a lot of fun from your wedding day to the following day‰! What's more, you can look forward to a lot of entertainment and a lot of fun in our exclusive lounge. The Vegas Poker Room takes the best aspects of our Aria Poker Rake Room and uses it to create a professional poker room. No Need to Make It Short & Sweet!

While there is nothing more elegant (and fun) than a flawless wedding ceremony, it's our belief that a groom should bring an even greater level of focus to it. Our vision for Rio Las Vegas Spa‒ is not just to capture our wedding's magical moments, but to highlight the most spectacular moments from thousands of other couples.come to Rio Las Vegas Spa, and witness the perfect day. Rio Las Vegas Resort welcomes all visitors in 2016.

Additional points:

  • The unique Rio Las Vegas Strip (Mixed Critters and Tundra) is the most popular street destination in America. A wide range of destinations and attractions can be found in the Rio Valley, including the City in Nevada, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Convention Center, and even Rio's first airport. But what goes unnoticed by Rio visitors is the wide array of sights available in Rio in addition to the famous attractions at other locations around the globe.The Rio Las Vegas Strip makes Rio truly unique.
  • There are so many local specialty retail stores and boutiques here that you are sure to find something that's right for your shopping needs. VooDoo Vegas Luxury Suites are right next to the pool for guests to lounge, sip on a cocktail or relax at the poolside dining experience and spa. VooDoo Vegas Restaurants are right next to the pool for guests to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many dining options at Rio Las Vegas' Las Vegas restaurants.Rio Hotel and Casino Rio has all the things you need and more at the hotel. Check out the hotel buffet or our full menus and see what you can find at Rio Vegas' hotel dining room and bars.
  • The most popular locations of Masquerade Village are the restaurant sections overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and the mall in front of the hotel where there are all kinds of souvenirs and gift items from all over the United States. If you go to the mall, which has a variety of shopping options, such as fashion boutiques, thrifty department stores and even a shopping center, you can also experience the excitement of Rio Las Vegas shopping with live entertainment, games, and entertainment shows. If you love to see other people, have fun at one of the many Las Vegas venues at this yearsuper Bowl XXXV. Las Vegas Convention Center offers the most exciting and unique environment with over 250,000 square feet and hundreds of different locations where you can party and unwind.If you are a football fan, be sure to join friends to watch the Miami Dolphins versus the Philadelphia Eagles who play at the 2017 Super Bowl in Los Angeles from the Las Vegas Super Bowl Pavilion.
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