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The main attraction of Treasure Island is the 18-story, three-day Las Vegas landmark built out of a variety of old and new sea treasures. The waterway has a natural limestone background and offers a dramatic setting of ocean waves crashing against the desert walls. The structure's interior has three distinct buildings (the first, main building, and second hotel, a parking garage (a one-car garage) and an observation deck. The hotel is decorated in a contemporary neo-Gothic design, and the property is surrounded by a 1. Mystic Lake Casino has the world's highest percentage of casino-goers in the city of Minneapolis. 5 acre park and an amusement park.

Treasure Island: The Venetian is owned by Imperial Palace

The Treasure Island design is not an entirely new concept although modern amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, retail and entertainment all take part in the design. Originally built in 1949 and named in tribute to a famous British naval hero, the island has four rooms that have been renovated with modern conveniences. The most notable improvements are the addition of a private ocean-inspired bathroom and the installation of "sink toilets" for the reception area. Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is well served by private taxi service, and a local travel company, The Promenade. The addition of a two-day casino has come in 2012, and there are plans to expand to three levels.

Treasure Island also has an extensive golf course, which includes a professional golf course that includes 14 courses, and the club is only a few blocks away from the resort.

In addition to the attractions, Treasure Island also offers some of the world's most eclectic activities and a great shopping district. Tourists from the West Bank of South America, Canada and the United States who are interested in traveling to Treasure Island should contact one of several hotels in Nevada that offer a tour in 2014. Treasure Island MN Players Club Rewards Hotel & Casino has two meeting rooms. While on tour, guests typically stay in luxurious suites and enjoy all the activities found on Treasure Island, which include beach volleyball and swimming in pool. Some guests can also enjoy a private tour with an additional excursion to the Treasure Island Resort, the original hotel built at Treasure Island in 1949.

Treasure Island is a beautiful resort with its many restaurants

When asked whether Treasure Island will receive upgrades before the 2016 tour of Las Vegas, hotel employee Jennifer Nesbitt declined to comment, citing legal discussions. The Vegas Review-Journal has reached out to others interested in experiencing Treasure Island and hopes to post a follow-up article.

Additional points:

  • In 2018, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Bureau (VCDB) will begin reporting hotel fees to the VCDB for use of cash-free service. A $6.45 fee is required, a $5.00 fee is not, and a $15.00 fee is not. Travel vouchers are available only for the convention and visitor at the VCDB. A $25 cash-free check from the hotel is not accepted.To keep the hotel going, Treasure Island is a 24-hour hotel service: all hotel rooms, room services and service bookings, and all reservations are done by calling 814.872.6200.
  • The seats, which include seats along the west side of the arena, are all of a certain type: a few rows for an NBA team, two rows for a German team, and even one row of each club's main stand. For those who really want a seat close-up, the fourth tier sportsbook, located at the northeast corner of the building, features a seating area with several individual seats with large HD cameras, and a "grandstand of prestige" on the east side. TI also features a grandstand of prestige for $400, which offers seating along the south side for both NHL and MLS teams, and a "Germans of America" grandstand for £150. TI sportsbooks are located throughout the Wynn and in most of the other casinos on the Strip.The Sportsbook at Treasure Island is an incredible experience, and a huge success across every arena that they have been in Las Vegas, from the MGM Grand to the T-Mobile Arena to the Venetian.
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  • These items usually range in price from over US$200 to under $300 depending on the locale. The luxury of choosing your own Treasure Island is truly impressive. Visit our Treasure Island listings for more information.
  • The town's theme park is a gem of modern architecture in a sleepy town full of antique shops and bars. This makes Treasure Island a popular resort destination for tourists and locals alike. If you do not already know Treasure Island, visit their website to read more.
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