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The Angel of the Winds Casino and Resort plans to add a second luxury-class casino, called ARLINGTON, on top of its existing $20-million Angel of the Winds Gaming Stations. This massive $40-million Las Vegas landmark has been in a state-of-the-art rooming facility near the Angel by the Las Vegas Sands, which now operates the Angel (it also has two luxury pools). Viejas Casino is currently in pre-opening stage with plans to open their first casino floor in the nation on July 1, 2018. The new ARLINGTON is going to be the second of three new rooms on the project‒which includes 13 one- and two-bedroom suites and 11,000 square-feet of retail space‒and it will house a fully equipped kitchen, gym, full-service restaurants, and bars to include a bar with 24 taps. The project is expected to cost $4. 5 million.

Angel of the Winds Group CEO and former chairman Jeff Brown

Travis O’Neil, general manager of the Angel of the Winds Casino, says a combination of the new casino and hotel are going to make the Angel of the Winds one of the premier destinations in the West by bringing the best of Las Vegas and the Southwest to the Pacific Northwest, as well as from Los Angeles to Everett. The expansion of the downtown casino will also allow the Angel to build much more room and space for its VIP suite as well as the newly opened Las Vegas Lounge that's available for private parties, per O’Neil. The Firekeepers Casino Hotel is also a hostel with a fitness center. After finishing his current year as general manager at the Angel of the Winds Casino, O’Neil was able to keep operating the original Casinos in Atlantic City on his own for nearly two decades while also working on this expansion project that he‖s excited about.

The Angel of the Winds opened its doors in October 2004

Before he became general manager in 2008, he was CEO of the Southwestern Region of the MGM Grand Atlantic City (where Angel of the Winds Casino is located). He‖s worked with the Atlantic City Board of Gaming from its inception until his retirement in January. Golden Gate Hotel‏s interior and exterior enhancements reflect a more refined and sophisticated hotel. I have an incredible amount of respect for Atlantic City. Currently, Angel of the Winds Casino and Resort is situated around a 30,000-square-foot area off Route 1A, the North Las Vegas freeways in the city of Atlantic City and the entrance to the Angel Casino hotel. The Angel Casino was built to house 1,300 slot machines and 70 tables, with an additional 50,000 slots and tables, for $30 a slot before taxes.

The Angel of the Winds casino plans to add more than 25 acres of land to the Sonoma National Forest, adding another 300,000 square feet of property to the existing hotel.

It closed in late 2006 and is now owned by New Jersey-based casino operator MGM Grand Entertainment. New hotel projects coming. According to Travis O’Neil, general manager of the Angel of the Winds Casino, the Angel of the Winds has already received applications from several other hotels. Indiana Poker is also an easy drive to the airport. O’Neil says it is possible the Angel of the Winds will receive more projects this year because of the new casino's location, its location between two major freeways on Route 1A, and other developments currently under way in Las Vegas.

He also says the Angel of the Winds has also received offers from other resorts in the west, and the new hotel expansion could be added in time to open in Las Vegas as well.

Final thoughts

The $7.75 million opening is expected to create 250 jobs across the board and create an investment of up to $2.5 million in the region. ARLINGTON – Angel of the Winds Resort and Casino, owned and operated by the Stillaguamish Tribe, is also providing $1 million to help fund construction of a new, 5-star hotel across campus. ARLINGTON – The South Fork Waterfront Trail Casino & Spa in Falls Church will be expanded at a cost of up to $350 million, and the Indian Village Casino’hotel‒ in Falls Church, VA, will be expanded to provide over 600 rooms, a 2,400-square-foot spa, four high-end restaurants, a high-end casino poker game, and more. The expansion will create up to 16,000 more square feet of hotel space on the waterfront trail, and will include an additional 3,500 square feet of hotel room space for convention center guests. Fort Leestate parks and outdoor facilities will be opened in an effort to attract more tourists, and to make the area a tourism destination while also creating an economic opportunity.
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