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Firekeepers Casino Hotel

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In 2012, we opened the FireKeepers Casino Hotel located at Exit 106 in Battle Creek, Michigan and announced that we would be opening a second FireKeepers Casino Hotel on I-94. The former Hotel was renamed the FireKeepers Downtown and received its first grand opening in March 2013. Panther Moon Slot features free play of all three casino slots and offers over 60 tournament rules. The FireKeepers Casino Hotel also is located on the East and West sides of the highway where we can enjoy live music, food trucks, hot dogs, and more. If you are interested in buying your own casino, feel free to visit our online casino catalog.

FireKeepers Casino Hotel's amenities include an indoor event space with a 300-capacity dance floor, a fitness center with a 3,000-calorie pump, six bowling lanes, a 4-lane table tennis facility and more on the third floor.

The firekeepers casino is fully equipped for the entertainment experiences of a multi-million dollar hotel from a large and highly sought after international player and theme park that has been a staple in our hotel industry for decades. We are committed to providing excellent service and catering to our guests without sacrificing quality. Lucky Puppy Bingo does not have this policy so we have to make do. Our staff is dedicated to providing top caliber services that make our guests feel good about themselves after their stay.

The FireKeepers Casino in Detroit brings things down a bit

As well, our hotel team members have been known to work tirelessly to give us the highest customer service as a restaurant and bar. We offer the best service in our own community which is why every guest experiences FireKeepers Casino Hotel at the same time! Penny Slot Games allow you to have a whole lot of fun while still earning big bucks. In 2009, we opened the FireKeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek with a mission to create exceptional service in the best way.

Firekeepers Casino Hotel finished top two in the Championship

The FireKeepers Casino Hotel includes a full menu, a small bar, an online casino, and an online casino dedicated solely to live music at the best time of the night. The Bar with Wine and Spirits - The main menu is a wide variety of wine, spirits, and specialty food along with special wines and spirits and live music featuring live bands, DJs and comedians, music videos, live entertainment on the floor, and an expansive wine cellar to accommodate live band performances. The Bar - On our large bar which features our live music and special event entertainment. The Cocktails - All our events includelive music, music videos, live entertainment along with a wide range of different cocktails and cocktails available for purchase, which has made our venue a favorite in the local beer and wine industry. Cyber Ninja combines an imaginative theme and worthwhile in-game features to perfection. In addition, we have a bar lounge with a bar patio and entertainment.

Firekeepers Casino Hotel

The Lounge - The main menu is fully stocked with fine cocktail and craft cocktail food and is made from a very durable wooden decking, making it extremely durable. Also, on our main menu we have all the standard and specialty cocktails of our respective restaurant, including wines, spirits, and more. Lucky Vip Bingo players have access to the Mystic Wheel of Gems. At the main menu we have our famous Black Tie Bar and the new Bistro Cafe, a full bar, two premium menu lines with great variety for our guests to enjoy in their dining room, and a large and premium bar lounge to keep us busy in our event space.

We're committed to providing exceptional service to our guests without sacrificing quality. And to keep you and your guests happy with your stay at our hotel. For more information about our services and how to purchase your own room, please visit our website. For an easy way to find out more about your Firekeepers Casino Hotel experience, please visit our hotel search page.

The Firekeepers Casino Hotels and Fitness Training courses are located in the Historic South River neighborhood of the city, including a recreation center and a fitness training center.

The Firekeepers Casino Hotel is home of three of America's largest casinos from Michigan to Florida, with locations in Battle Creek, Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. Our goal as the second largest casino in America is to offer amazing value over time which is why we have been the first to establish partnerships in the early 2000s.

Additional thoughts:

  • The FireKeepers Casino Hotel is conveniently located just 5 miles west of the Grand Rapids/Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the intersection of I-94 and Michigan Ave. In addition to the FireKeepers Casino, fire officials announced that the FireKeepers Casino Hotel and Casino are also providing a restaurant within walking distance to the hotel. Hickory Grill located just over the bridge has been selected for the restaurant, as well as the FireKeepers Casino. These restaurants and locations are all located within 10 miles of the casino hotel.

    FireKeepers Casino Hotel and Casino are committed to giving their current customers and fans the highest quality of service at the highest quality prices.

  • If you are a casino hotel conference or event planner, just tell a representative of Firekeepers Casino Hotel and we can help you put together your event. All we ask is that you include the casino hotel in the name of your event in place of the actual casino and the area code where the casino is located.

    The Firekeepers Casino Hotel meeting rooms are open seven days a week and are available to hotel room guests only.

  • The casino is home to an exclusive entertainment venue featuring live entertainment by DJ and artist DJ Vero, a 24 hour restaurant featuring a wide variety of food selections in a casual dining setting, a pool area, gaming room, and additional parking, as well as additional entertainment by guest DJ P. DJ Fizz (host of the popular Paddy Pee Wee's Lounge, and more. At FireKeepers Casino, hotel guests receive unique, hand-crafted hotel rooms at a discount price. The first event, featuring DJ Vero, will be hosted and produced by P. Fizz.

    Fizz will perform live in the guest room in the hotel's restaurant and pool area, and offer DJ Vero's DJ set to all guests.

  • As FireKeepers begins construction on the $60 million hotel project located on the northeast side of the MGM Grand site, the casino hopes to become a permanent fixture and entertainment hub, serving both the local hospitality industry and the many visitors and locals it attracts. It is located on a 1.38 mile golf course with a two-sided taxi road in the center. Cincinnati, Ohio's FireKeepers Casino Hotel has been ranked as No. 5 for both overall customer satisfaction and on-site casino profits, according to online reviews from casino players and online casino industry publications.

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