Sheraton Cairo Hotel

Sheraton Cairo Hotel

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If you want to contact Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino's event managers for information on accommodations for the Sheraton and its sister hotels, please call 713. 777. 8837 or email eventmediastat@chiragatcities. com. The Rio All Suite Hotel Amenities and Casino offers a wide array of services that serve the hotel guests in high fashion. When the Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino began operating in 1960, it was an upscale hotel located at 13th Street S between North and South Grand Ave. The first Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino was opened in October 1962. It quickly became known as the favorite place for celebrities to meet and attend social events. In the early 1970s, Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino opened the Hilton Cairo which now operates as the Grand Hyatt Cairo.

After serving Egyptian guests since 1975, the hotel's Grand Hyatt Cairo has a different look, but retained its Egyptian theme. The hotel is located at 1 Grand Square and 1 Kingsway. Luxor casino games are also available at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. To see the Grand Hyatt Cairo building, view the image above.

The hotel has 515 hotel rooms with 2,440 seats and 19,280 square feet of total floor area. The Grand Hyatt Cairo was designed by Frank Gehry from the ground up. Wonders of Egypt Slotian can use the Egyptian symbols to display your Egyptian title cards, as well.

Sheraton Cairo Hotel

It features a state-of-the-art sound track, which is a high quality sound system, a new lounge, and a large concierge network. The hotel offers 12 complimentary spa treatments for guests; 2 complimentary massage treatments with 24 hours' wait. The London Club Cairo Casino is located just outside Haradh. There are four main elevators within the Grand Hyatt Cairo, which are accessible from the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th floor.

One elevator can be accessed from both the 2nd and 3rd levels. The 4th floor has a glass doors that make the entrance a bit more difficult to spot. ARIA Resort & Casino has four dining areas, from the dining hall to the luxurious, gourmet breakfast area. If you are thinking of using Sheraton Cairo, and have a large group, or would like more information on events happening within Sheraton Cairo, contact Hotel. Please don't forget to come to Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino for any of Sheraton Cairo's events in addition to the regular events and conference packages, which also include the Sheraton Cairo & Grand Hyatt Hotels.

More information can be found on these pages:

More Sheraton Cairo hotel information Sheraton Hotel & Casino has a variety of unique events and conferences held across the country including several special events held at the Sheraton Hotel & Casino. Also, Sheraton resorts and hotels are usually featured in news publications around the world. Pyramids of Egypt is one of the larger slots in the Singapore casino and can hold more than 10 players. Check out our Sheraton Events section for news, events and information on events occurring within Sheraton resorts or hotels. Sheraton is excited to host such guests who have a wealth of experiences from the history and culture of Egypt and our guests.

Sheraton has a great connection with the Egyptian community through its role of helping build the Sheraton Residences and Grand Hotels. In 2011, Sheraton hosted a night of music and theater at the Sheraton Renaissance Hotel in Cairo.

Also, in late 2012, Sheraton and the Egypt Museum hosted an Egyptian Cultural Fest at the Sheraton Renaissance in Cairo. It is always exciting to have an ambassador from Sheraton Cairo or any other hotel join us at the Sheraton Grand Hyatt Cairo, which has a spectacular room with views of Downtown Cairo. In addition to providing guest services to the Middle East on a daily basis, Sheraton operates many guest services businesses to help the global media company stay current with Middle East news and events.

Final thoughts:

  • The following table shows approximate occupancy rates (in USD) of each venue of Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino, on the date of ourmeeting, conference or event. The following table shows approximate occupancy rates (in USD) of each venue of Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino. The Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino meeting time is not provided for individual event planning.Please contact the Sheraton Egyptian Hotel Group by email (or phone for scheduling) for specific time tables. Please contact the Sherpton Egyptian Hotel Group by email (or phone for scheduling) for specific time tables.
  • We always do our best to provide the best service possible, but we cannot guarantee it. We offer a full refund policy on this website. If you are looking for a place to host a private reception in the Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino, a private event or a social gathering in the Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino please email us at or call +27 21 553 0121.Also click below to view exclusive events and functions for the Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino.
  • To keep the cost down, Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino offers complimentary shuttles to Cairo Airport and the Port Authority. For more details contact either Sheraton or Cairo Hotel & Casino at (202) 977-9900 or click the links below. Please visit our website for all our hotel and casino rates and directions to our resort.
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