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Enjoy the amenities of the hotels, clubs, casino, and all around amenities of a resort experience here for your next vacation or business trip. At The Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno Nevada, we are proud to have a proud history of bringing our guests amazing things, and of helping you achieve all you want, at the best price. Zeus 1000 also offers the wall bonus feature that will help you to earn amazing rewards. Enjoy one of The Eldorado Resorts Casino's luxury boutique hotels or a classic stay on the property. The Eldorado Resort Casino Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel providing you with a relaxed atmosphere and entertainment.

The Eldorado Resort Casino boasts of 488,834 cusine square feet

We have 5 guest rooms and 2 suites. Your rooms offer modern amenities as well as comfortable amenities. Diamond Dozen, progressive slot, in fact, has crisp and colourful graphics, and it is very entertaining game availingly.

Eldorado Resort Casino is one of the largest casinos in a rural, small town setting, where it has earned an exemplary reputation for the quality, service, and entertainment provided by its team of highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Your suite features a pool, spa, sauna, and a variety of entertainment options! The Eldorado Resort Casino Hotel is located in The Eldorado Resort Casino, a popular Las Vegas venue with over 250,000 fans annually. If you're traveling across the United States, we want to share with you where the Eldorado Resort Casino Hotel is located in Reno Nevada. If you are in Reno, Las Vegas, and visiting us, make sure you stop into The Eldorado Hotel, the hotel with the best Las Vegas casinos. The Eldorado Resort Casino Hotel Reno Las Vegas is the best of the best located in the Las Vegas area.

It is located in The Eldorado Resort Casino, a casino that offers a wide range of great amenities. The Eldorado Resort Casino Hotel Reno Las Vegas is the only Las Vegas hotel that contains a full length swimming pool, as well as an extensive casino floor featuring a huge gaming table.

Eldorado Casino Luxury Suite Review- Reno 2015

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There is also a poolside lounge.

Other points of interest:

  • From the famous Eldorado Casino Lounge to Entertainment Center to Grandstand Lounge, Eldorado Resort Casino provides over 100 hours of entertainment in one venue. The Eldorado Hotel at The Row has luxurious amenities that are available in two unique rooms featuring three pools, a fire pit, spa, spa lounge, firehouse, fire pit lounge cabanas, fitness center, spa services, and a full sized bar. The hotel is designed to house both hotel guests and employees. Enjoy the hotel amenities such as the fully equipped dining area, fully equipped reception, and private balcony.

  • The Eldorado Resort has been designed and built in such a way that guests will be able to see all kinds of new and exciting sights and activity. Whether you are heading home to the lodge, looking for business or exploring for a relaxing vacation, the Eldorado Resort Casino presents you with a highly unique experience. If you're in Reno, then you can enjoy the unique experience from this resort that offers a relaxing setting, excellent seating and a spacious bar. It is simply the best experience in Reno. THE ROW is an ideal place for an adventure or vacation, where the setting is as well, with views from the air and a tranquil setting.

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