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Now that you have heard about Queen of Hearts Deluxe we hope that you'll enjoy watching us explain our strategy to win at the original Queen of Hearts machine. Here is our strategy. Nanny Duckula 2 is a five reel and 20 betline slot game with a duck where theme of the Old East meets modern trends. This article will show you several techniques, in order to win the Queen of Hearts Deluxe. We have prepared a very simple strategy which will allow you to win Queen of Hearts Deluxe at the original Queen of Hearts slot machine at one or several times throughout the year.

Queen of Hearts Deluxe also features a very nice visual upgrade

The following strategies are from our extensive and helpful library of video tutorials for the Queen of Hearts. To read more about the different options available to the player, we encourage you to visit our Queen of Hearts Deluxe articles page on our website. The Lucky Queen is easy to play and has the added power of two extra turn-based turns. The first strategy we recommend is to play the Queen of Hearts Deluxe twice during the entire calendar year, each time with two-digit spins. If it is the third and last time they are playing the Queen of Hearts Deluxe, you could have a chance.

The Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot game is more accessible to beginners in the casino, with the game itself being played on an old school gaming set with no extra parts to set up.

Your turn and counter. Your second strategic decision will be to have the player spin the Queen of Hearts Deluxe at the second time. Egyptian Queen comes on a single reel and features three parallel, spinning reels in a 25 count horizontal stack format. After a successful spin, you may choose to discard the dice to gain a 3 or 6 points from your hand, as they may just want to get the ball rolling.

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Now, at this time you can add whatever you want from your hand on to the Queen of Hearts Deluxe's counters, and if needed, you can continue to score. Finally, you could also discard the Queen of Hearts Deluxe's counter to gain only a 6 or 8 points for your score. Novomatic Slots always play in the slots' highest level. So how does the strategy work?

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All spins go to the second queen and it becomes your turn if you have scored 6 points, or if the player has failed a counter spin, and you win you take the total points from the player's hand. And how much does it cost to win? Dark Hearts is a free to play slot machine game using the familiar Japanese slot machines of the SNES generation. In this scenario you will probably win by the standard number of 4 to 7 points, which is to be expected, and you would also score one point or fewer if they were playing the Queen of Hearts Deluxe too.

The Queen of Hearts slot: You get your slot for free by placing a King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, or King of Hearts Queen on the slot machine.

We will explain how to do it later, but there are several ways to achieve Queen of Hearts Deluxe. In most cases if you are just going with the normal spin and lose it does not cost anything and it should be easy. Panther Moon Playtech offers a wide variety of slots for you too. But as there is no special rule, we will show you the strategies for beating these three types of Queen of Hearts Deluxe spins as a result. After a total of 3 spins your Queen of Hearts Deluxe spins out of the box and you can add anything from your hand.

At this point you may want to have the player discard their Queen of Hearts Deluxe to have a bonus point to the final hand (if there is one). It would be wise to have you wait at least one spinning to ensure that you can't lose the bonus points as well (you could always add some to your hand again). You cannot play the Queen of Hearts Deluxe on this system yet as it is a system with high rollers! And now, for the final strategy.

If you have not yet played the Queen of Hearts Deluxe, let's move to the two-digit and then the three-digit spins. In the above scenario all of your spins are put back onto the Queen of Hearts Deluxe's counters. If you roll at the right number before making a counter spin you will get bonus points for every one more spin you score.


  • Although the card features a gold foil design, the actual card features five different symbols, including five of her own. However, while we’ve played many games of this sort, it’s only a matter of time until we find ourselves wondering why this particular Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot looks less like a cash prize than a gold pin. It’s certainly worth making the effort to make sure that this one isn’t just that way! For an excellent explanation of how to make sure that your Queen of Hearts Deluxe doesn't look like either these cards and, of course, that the King has never played it before, visit Queen of Hearts at the official Nintendo site.The King of Hearts, the King of Cups, the King of Hearts II, the King of Hearts, the King of Hearts 3D and the King of Hearts: The Final Chapter have been released worldwide.
  • It is a simple game design which provides an interesting opportunity: you have the chance to choose the Queen of Hearts slot that suits your needs: you can choose a higher rate or a lower rate on the number of spins per minute, you can choose to play the game with the Royal Baby image or with no image at all, you can choose to play one or two miniatures or simply one player. It is easy to make a bet with Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot machine and for your convenience our strategy card list of the most popular strategies for winning at Queen of Hearts Deluxe slot in our video tutorial will make everything clear.So just read and make your choice, you're sure to win!
  • There’s also an updated soundtrack for this Queen of Hearts Deluxe. There’s also some new, more modern options for this Queen of Hearts Deluxe (see below to see the latest version).
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