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The Egyptian Queen slot offers players a unique choice to play either for the money on top of their initial earnings. If they want to earn the full £3 million in each game they can win £1 million in prizes per game, but have the chance to play a whole game of jackpot (no limit to jackpot winnings) so they can earn even more money through the use Multiplier. Egypt Slots Casino Machines is not a supported app of any platform. If they want to play for some extra payout they can play a Full Jackpot or a Mini jackpot in different games with different multipliers.

The Egyptian Queen slot has been around for a good while

Egyptian Queen is a 5-reels, 25-paylines game that starts with a 100% chance for success on each spin (no extra spin). The rules are the same in both Egyptian Queen and Jackpot games. Golden Egypt is also the first casino to allow you to pick up a Golden Egypt T-Shirt and use it to enter the game.

Egyptian Queen is the last 5 games from the game

Egyptian Queen offers the same exciting jackpot and multiplier for each spin in each game to ensure the player always knows what to expect on every turn. The games also offer you the chance to play in 2-player mode, just like in any slot game. The player can expect to earn a total of 300 prizes for each Egyptian Queen game played, with a £300 bonus for the first win. Fairy Queen Slots is not something that you would have to spend a lot of money before you start winning. With 100+ spins, the Egyptian Queen is an addictive and exciting game that delivers an exceptional value!

Egyptian Queen Casino

All of the bonuses and bonuses in the game are active throughout the entire time to provide the player with the best in-store bonuses. The Egyptian Queen has been designed specifically for the UK, with the player guaranteed to earn at least £30. Ancient Egypt can be purchased from our store. The Queen's Treasure has been designed specifically for the UK, with the player guaranteed to get at least £15 for each win during the game.

All Egyptian Queen slot games have a 100% winnable bonus, with an additional 'No Win' and 'No Win Only' bonus! Egyptian Queen is a 5-reels, 25-paylines game with a 100% winnable bonus in every game. It rewards skill and strategic play and is a fun and unique game to play! The bonus game is not a 'must have' game for those who do not require the bonus, as this is an easy and fun alternative for players who are looking for a game to play every week, on the weekend, holiday time or just for a bit of stress relief!

The Egyptian Queen slot game offers a 50% bonus reward for each time you win a hand in a game. This means that the player needs at least 50 spins to earn 100% of the possible prize money in each game! A player could also earn a huge £3 million bonus if they play a full jackpot in one game! We have a great deal of excitement on the horizon as early 2019 is soon upon us and the next big batch of Egyptian Queen slot games is slated to be released!

Egyptian-themed Online Slot Queen of Riches Now at Unibet

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Without exception, the biggest advancements in Las Vegas-style online slots are all in the video bonus round extras, which seemingly daily become more colorful, exciting – and high-paying!

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We plan to release a full catalogue of more than 20 Egyptian Queen slots game in 2019.


  • This also gives the system great depth and depth of options – if you're a game player looking for extra options that offer a higher quality of casino the Egyptian Queen is a very good bet. I'm sure you can imagine many of you have been waiting for a chance to play the game with Egyptian Queen's casino options. I've never played the game before but from my experience, it's pretty easy to get on the right side of the law. So if anyone is a gambler with some experience in casino games I hope to see an improvement and try what can be achieved with Egyptian Queen next time out.

    We're looking forward to hearing from you!

  • The game also features a plethora of new and never before introduced features that offer the chance for a great surprise in each encounter so no experience is wasted. Egyptian Queen has a unique concept, and players of the genre will surely love it.

    The game plays at a steady speed to keep the odds going, as players must take extra care when making a draw in this highly competitive arena. The bonus system uses a number of bonuses, such as XP, Free spins, and the Pharaoh bonus that increases a Pharaohscore upon death. When you've got Egyptian Queen ready to play, we invite you to register, register for a free account of our Casino Game and join us on the forums to chat with other players about how it's played around the world.

  • Egyptian Queen slots were made for those experienced with these type of slots. Those who have played more than one of these types of games won't find a reason to take these off their hands. Egyptian Queen slots will surely leave all of you wanting more; you can expect to find at least 50 extra win bonuses for a small monthly fee.

    Coupled with an innovative feature that allows for multiple accounts and the ability to use any of the Egyptian Queen slots for private gaming, Egyptian Queen games bring the game to a higher level of sophistication than many of the newer slot games on the market.

  • The Egyptian Queen offers players a unique range of free spins each week – allowing the player a good chance to make a big win or, at worst, lose most of their investment. Unlike the standard slot machines where you always end up drawing the pot, Egyptian Queen gives you the possibility to win extra spins even when the pot is full, allowing players to continue growing their edge to pay-out when the bonus rolls in and to continue their favourite spins. Egyptian Queen slots also offer players the possibility of bonus points each play, and, unlike other games, the player's next win will also earn them another bonus points.

    The Egyptian Queen can be won for the player, or another player who is not taking part in the game by a combination of player bonus points and in-play bonus points added at the end of play – but what is really worth paying out for is the real power with Egyptian Queen and how it's designed, where you will not only win bonus points but can also win a good share of the pot to complete your dream payout – and it's all to be gained online at Late Casino – just play Egyptian Queen responsibly.

Your road to Riches!
Your road to Riches!

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