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It is not clear which of these casinos are under IPS control today, and whether Castle Jackpot Casino or these other casinos have been seized by either the courts or IPS. There is no indication of a problem with Castle Jackpot Casino or IPS. The Rainbow Jackpots video game is completely free and is meant to challenge your skills and patience. Castle Jackpot Casino's website notes. e are well aware of IPS's ownership of the domains and have had no issues in recent years, however the website is not active. For example, IPS is mentioned more than once in the Terms and Conditions as having "sought legal advice" regarding whether or not its trademarks or intellectual property rights are being infringed.

Castle Jackpot Casino’s Website also mentions that it is "not responsible for the actions of third parties which may be affected by your actions" which may be interpreted as possibly implying that the casinos are owned by IPS or similar corporations. Some of IPS' other business activities relate to the online video gaming sector, such as the Casablanca Movie Site, and to the Bet on Sports site. Rainbow Jackpots also offered a 2*2 game with 10 bets. However, IPS owns no video or online gambling sites, and thus most likely Castle Jackpot Casino's business activities are controlled by IPS.

Castle Jackpot Casino gives a great deal for their games and it has a very active Facebook community to keep you posted on all the latest casino news and news of upcoming events.

The casino was not keen to comment on whether the casinos are running under IPS or their own corporation. IPS is not mentioned in Castle Jackpot Casino's Terms and Conditions, and it is unclear what IPS is doing with the domains (the same type of domain the casinos used to host games, or whether IPS is actually running the casinos under its own name. Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot Review has a lot of different game modes you can play for money. Castle Jackpot Casino has also provided no information to the casino's customers, whether the casino is running on IPS' domain names or other businesses.

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These details appear to be relevant to Castle Jackpot Casino's trademark rights, not IPS' rights.

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  • 5% bonus scheme, meaning that to secure a V.5% bonus you can simply increase your stake daily on your first payout. If you were to stake for more than 2 days after the first payout, your V.5% bonus will also be converted to a daily bonus. In short, if you're a regular Castle Jackpot Casino user then your odds are good with Castle Jackpot Casino offering a wide array of highly rewarding online gambling options available, including slot machines and table games.Castle Jackpot Casino is not the only casino that offers a high-quality website with excellent customer service, yet, unlike other gambling sites, Castle Jackpot Casino does not appear to charge a commission for slot machines as we recently discovered whenwent on a trip to its Las Vegas casinos. We hope this helps Castle Jackpot Casino to maintain a decent online reputation, if you prefer to play poker then Castle Jackpot casino could offer you excellent prizes if you are a gambler as long as you're good enough to play and win.
  • We strongly recommend making reservations or checking-in online when a card is available in your Casino. A professional developer that works with the best mobile gaming companies, Nathan Nance developed some high-quality mobile games in 2014 as well as our own mobile game app, Castle Jackpot Casino. He is a talented and committed artist, both at design and gameplay, so it was his intention to build a game that would become a hit on a massive scale that had the potential to change world currency, travel, and entertainment. His game Castle Jackpot Casino will be a completely new feature that will make mobile gaming even more entertaining for all of you new players!
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