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The refurbished Genting Casino Torquay features 5 casino tables (four US Roulette, three Blackjack, five 6/8 game of Blackjack, two 6/8 game of Slot and one 3-D slot) as well as a 2-D slot machine and a full gaming table with 15 electronic poker-game devices. Genting Casino Torquay is one of the UK's most successful Casino Centres. Each of the five slots machines in Genting Casino Torquay are individually marked, so you can always know which one you are working on. Grosvenor Casino Glasgow, Merchant City, has been rated as one of the Best in the World by Travel & Leisure Magazine since 2000. The staff are also very knowledgeable in the games they provide and will go to great lengths to assist you in playing each machine. Founded in the 1990s, Genting Casino Torquay is one of the largest and most successful casinos in Europe.

Founded by two brothers Pauline and Roger Martin, the casino attracts some of the world's best poker players to join us for a private night's entertainment in a relaxed and friendly ambiance. At Genting Casino Torquay you can choose from a fantastic variety of table games from 7 to 21 (or 22 if you prefer, as well as the American Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat games. Genting Casino Manchester also hosts live bands from all different backgrounds throughout the casino.

Genting Casino Torquay is open from 7am to 2pm daily

Genting Casino Torquay has several rooms which offer great gaming options for players of all ages. We have 5 slots machines, all featuring a unique layout from the American Roulette machine and each gaming table is unique in terms of layout and features. Many of the games at Genting Casino Torquay are in the form of 2-D games which require the skill of slot machines to operate effectively. The Grosvenor Poker skin can be found here and can be purchased in the Grosvenor Pizzeria. Many of these machines also feature an electronic chip as an electronic reward which can be won by playing a table game. Welcome you to play with your friends, family and other players as at Genting Casino Torquay there are no hidden costs.

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Genting Casino Torquay, has excellent customer service, we have two staff-led customer liaison officers who are available at all times to offer advice on game strategy and game tactics. Genting Casino Torquay has the biggest range of slots machines on offer in the UK at this time. Genting Casino Stoke takes its commitments to excellence seriously with its employees and customers from all over the world. These include the 5 slot machines listed above from Genting and the 2-D games from Gentingsister casino, Genting, which is also located in Devon.

Genting Casino Torquay offers a certain amount of private gaming rooms such as "The Poker Room" and "iddly aimed for slots enthusiast" with a maximum of 40 tables.

Genting Casino Torquay has 2 tables with 7 slots each which include the American Roulette, Blackjack, Bactre Game, Two-D slot, Three-D slot and Three-Card Poker tables. A second table has four American Roulette tables including the Bactre game. These slots machines are also available in 5, 10 and 24 game denominations as well as 5 electronic Roulette games. Genting Casino Fountain Park, 15 St Andrews Road, Leith, Edinburgh EH3 5AA. Genting's new "2-D" slot machines allow for a more unique and dynamic play experience, these machines also feature an electronic chip as an electronic reward.

You can still play 2-D slot machines in the American Roulette machines, and the Blackjack, American Roulette, 3-D slot and Three-D slot tables at Genting. Each table has a unique design and layout from the American Roulette machine, which is unique yet in keeping with other tables in Genting. There are six machine-type tables of the 8, 14, 17 and 21 game denominations.

This was the case with the American Roulette machines. In total, there are over 40 table games, including all of Genting's Casino table games from 7-21 (or 22) to all American Roulette, Blackjack, Bactre, Three-D and Three-Card Poker. We invite you to find out more about Genting Casino Torquay.

Additional points:

  • New features include the improved concierge tables, an improved concierge counter, more tables, and an improved concierge service. The concierge tables come with three adjustable side tables with adjustable headrests, and a back-lit side table. The original Genting Casino was the new, best-selling and well-known casino located in the area of Genting (also known as Torquay West). Today, Genting Casino Torquay has a small, well-maintained, modern casino with full-service concierge desk, floor to ceiling carpeting and a great atmosphere.
  • Genting Casino Torquay's casino features a grand 'Hollywood Nights' programme of five weekly live musical entertainment, which includes performances by The Who, Van Morrison, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Genting Casino Torquay's gaming consists of seven video poker machines and 10 tables in the Casino Lounge. Genting Casino Torquay also has a variety of high quality casinos across Europe, including three gaming halls in Denmark, two high-performance casinos in Hungary and an Italian casino.
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Experience all types of great online casino games

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