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Join the Genting Club Sheffield community to share and discuss the PokerStars, PPL and PL Omaha tables. If you are looking for a convenient place to watch poker, and live poker tournaments or tournaments at home or at work, Genting Club Sheffield is the perfect place for you. The Genting Casino Reading Reading pub scene is quite diverse and they're all very popular which makes it very attractive to some of us. If you are a first time poker player, our poker rooms are suitable for you. We have professional poker pros who have dealt thousands of tables at some of the best sites in the country, including Black Diamond, Lucky Gun Games, TTT, RNG, BNL, and others.

Genting Club Sheffield is located in a great location with plenty of places to enjoy with friends, so don't hesitate to get on and join in to make this a fabulous night out.

If you are a member of a poker club, our poker rooms are just right for you to explore and win big with other players, or to play with friends and family of any level. If you are looking to play online poker, and have a little extra time on a Sunday morning, Genting Club Sheffield is the perfect place to hit the cash. Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel offers the Best Dining In The Chehalis Valley. With a large variety of poker rooms, and plenty of tables for any level of play, you can find something for everyone. In Sheffield, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards in our poker rooms.

Every poker game taken place in one of our state of the art poker rooms; each of our poker rooms boast a variety of games suited to every poker player's needs. Every poker room is fully equipped with two or three TVs in any case, with a few TVs in our lounge area and a small screen on a chair. Grosvenor Casino Glasgow, Merchant City, has been rated as one of the Best in the World by Travel & Leisure Magazine since 2000. The size of our rooms are designed to fit almost any person.

Genting Club Sheffield

All rooms are fully carpeted and have air conditioned interiors. The PokerStars in Sheffield is one of only a few locations around the world to offer a24/7 poker room. The Genting Club Southend has been designed to give you the best possible view of the casino.

Genting Club Sheffield's friendly customers are welcome to play and have a chat with a professional player all day everyday. There are some amazing players that are willing to trade with our poker players and we are excited to welcome them back to our club. Genting Casino Sheffield also produces some of UK's top live music producers. We have a large variety ofhigh-stakes poker games to play on the poker tables, or choose from our cash poker tables with our special offers. For your convenience, we also offer in-suite tables and chairs.

Genting Club Sheffield provides entertainment from late evening until early morning with over 20 pubs and clubs in a 5 minute walk from the venue.

Our poker rooms are all fully equipped with multiple TV sets and air conditioned, and they are always ready to play for you. The Genting Club Sheffield site is fully furnished to provide a relaxed atmosphere for you and your friends. The Grosvenor Casino Soames Manchester Gatorade is a great choice for new Vegas card gamers. It is also a good place to hang around and have a quick cigarette.

You can find more information here:

Our poker rooms are available for bookings during business hours. There are no appointments needed. There are plenty of ways to connect with your fellow poker players: We love talking poker to you! G Casino Sheffield Poker has a very special VIP lounge where you can play slot machines in full view of the main floor of the casino. You can also join our Facebook Group or leave a comment to tell us what you think about what we are doing.

Our Facebook page is set up to help players that are looking for a new club to join. The Genting Club Sheffield Group, which is a great way of introducing players to one of Sheffield's renowned poker rooms, can be found on Facebook. Genting Club Manchester was listed from 2010-2011 on Business Review UK magazine's Top 100 Casino Resorts. It is easy to access and all the players are welcome. Genting Club Sheffield offers its members a chance to play in numerous tournaments and tournaments at home.

We are delighted to have many new members in the club that have found a fantastic way to gain some good practice towards the higher tiers of the game. The Genting Club Sheffield website is a fantastic collection of everything that you will need to know.


  • We currently operate several gaming machines, table games, table prizes, coin-operated games, video poker, table betting and lots more. The entertainment on offer includes live music, comedy, quiz club entertainment, darts, live entertainment and live chess. For a night out of gaming and gambling Genting Club Sheffield offers all you need. No need to think about your gambling, or why you'll be there; there is just something great about coming to Genting Club Sheffield to enjoy the gaming and food, whilst watching the poker tables and talking your way into some great cash.Our friendly staff will guide you through all your questions and let you know exactly where and how to go for a night out at Genting Club Sheffield.
  • Rugged and elegant bar with plenty of gaming tables for anyone interested in playing the game. The gaming floor is set out on the corner of Charles Street with two tables set on top of the tree.Players can try out a wide range of games at this table. All skill levels are welcomed to play poker at Genting Club Sheffield. For a night out of gambling Genting Club Sheffield offers everything you desire.
  • In 2015 we have also changed our business model – we are now a single location, with a bar with games at least one other place. It is a step in the right direction and we're proud to say that our customers still want to meet people in the bars and clubs. We can cater to any needs they have (club life!) and even make sure you get the most out of your time with our friendly staff. Stay tuned to Genting Club Sheffield for more from the future.Be sure to visit the Genting club and check back at the Genting Casino soon to continue the gaming adventures of Genting Club Sheffield.
  • It is the perfect venue for a new club to take up a business in Sheffield or join for fun. There is a wide selection of entertainment and lots of entertainment to watch and get excited about! The Genting Club Sheffield, the second oldest and longest-standing board game establishment in Sheffield is also conveniently located a few minutes walk from a casino, betting rooms and casino in the building along the entrance to the Genting Club Sheffield.
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