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With two large sports rooms and a sports centre, you can watch live action of matches as part of our 24-hour, day-night sports centre. The Grosvenor Sheffield casino boasts three casinos - a classic slot machine room, a new, fully refurbished table games and a larger, new 12 x 16 metre water feature. The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is located in a beautiful, newly-renovated Victorian mansion at the heart of the city, just off Victoria Square. Gentings Casino Sheffield Poker is a fantastic place to play poker and there is always something going on! It offers a full-service casino including three gaming machines and seven table games plus a full range of snacks including chips, coleslaw, chips/sausages and pizza.

The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is open every day to welcome you

The casino offers 24-hour, day-night sports centre, sporting and entertainment facilities and provides a range of hotel facilities including private guest rooms, guest laundry, a full range of restaurants and bars and an integrated spa and massage parlour. Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is a privately-owned, not-for-profit organisation set up to take advantage of the unique location of the city of St. Stoke Casino in Bournemouth offers free sports betting at one of the largest sports betting machines in the UK. Gallen to create the most fun, exciting and family friendly gambling experience in South-West Europe. As a registered charity - 'The Grosvenor Casino is a registered Charity' - it is not allowed to claim any income from gambling or gambling-related activity.

The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield has 2 poker rooms available

Please take into consideration that certain of our licensed venues in the St Gallen area have been recently upgraded and have been allocated higher capacity. The Grosvenor Casino Sheffield, like all our gaming venues, has strict rules and regulations in place regarding the use of weapons and ammunition, the use of which will be strictly controlled and enforced. The Grosvenor Casino Liverpool Casino is also offered as a location for a family event or a business event. Our facilities therefore are fully armed, supervised and catered for.

Our venue is completely clean and there are no open fires in or around the casino. Grosvenor is able to offer its guests all the latest information regarding the casino and a range of other services, in particular, to those with limited knowledge or who may have a medical condition. Grosvenor Casino Plymouth is a fully licensed venue in the City of Plymouth and the same checks and regulations are in place as usual. Please contact us at 01782 547000 with any queries or concerns regarding the Grosvenor Sheffield casino or any of our other services.


  • Their award-winning games take the entertainment options to a whole new level. The Grosvenor Sheffield gaming machines are set up so it can be easy for you and your loved ones to engage and engage with each other for hours with the option to change tables or game types as the occasion strikes. The table games, games and table options can all be changed quickly and easily and are all fully covered by The Grosvenor Sheffield Casino. The Grosvenor Sheffield Casino has a reputation for providing some of the best table game options around and we guarantee this is the case.
  • You can catch a show, catch a show here at the Grosvenor Sheffield casino. Grosvenor Sheffield casino also features an outdoor entertainment screen that features a full schedule of music - local and international - in the comfort of a bar area. Grosvenor Sheffield casino offers five tables with the most popular games offering different prices depending on what the individual game is priced at. Grosvenor Sheffield casino also features a full gaming floor and table game selection.
  • And if you are looking for a cool new casino in Sheffield, a £10,000round-trip ticket in Sheffield is certainly the prize that will get you. If you are looking for a local gaming place of your own it is sure to be the option you need. Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is a large and well-maintained casino with numerous boutiques, bars and entertainment venues. We have an extensive and long-standing history as a host to Sheffield games and activities.
  • Check out our new bar and restaurant. The new Grosvenor Casino Sheffield takes the game to its ultimate level with its premium dining and entertainment.
  • The Grosvenor Sheffield casino in particular features a variety of activities, from the local pub opening hours, to live music to theatre events. Grosvenor Sheffield has no online store and no mobile phone network.
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Experience all types of great online casino games

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