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Our Genting Casino Blackpool Hotel offers an enviable location right at the heart of Blackpool Town. In a location not too far from the sea, close to pubs and clubs, schools, shops and family entertainment centres, our hotel offers great local amenities at an affordable price. Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe is also a poker-based card game, with a limited number of playable cards. At Fahrenheit restaurant we believe it is important you are surrounded by people who have one thing in common - they all love food and are passionate about living to the highest standard. Our food and drink offerings include traditional American cuisine with a local twist, delicious British pub and gourmet Italian dishes with the freshest locally produced ingredients.

Genting Casino Blackpool also offers poker and Blackjack games

Genting Casino Blackpool Hotel offers the best in live entertainment - and the latest in technology - with games and events on our new gaming floor. The entertainment also includes live music concerts, dance events, bar events, food vendors and food and drink specials. Poker Heat(unlimited Chips) pools with a great selection of real money slots. Our Blackpool gaming floor has two main gaming rooms and is also home to a private lounge and bars. The two gaming rooms are home gaming lounge with a bar, buffet dining room, private lounge and games area.

Genting Casino Blackpool is a super popular place to watch a race

The Private Lounge is perfect for private parties, corporate events, conferences etc. all included in the price of the room. Ultimate Texas Holdem is a game that should be played when there is the most opportunities. Our Blackpool casino Blackpool gives you the best gaming experience in the heart of Blackpool Town. Blackpool Casino Blackpool offers a fully equipped gaming floor with 6 gaming tables with plenty of space for people to gather and relax. Frightensome casino has the perfect atmosphere in Blackpool Town with an inviting atmosphere, a good selection of drinks and lots of entertainment.

Genting Casino Blackpool will never compromise on its quality

At Fahrenheit restaurant you can have a meal, have a drink, dance, dine and have a great time on the gaming floor. It's all in the service, entertainment, food and drink. Casino Stoke will be playing the best of poker for most events.

Genting Casino Blackpool

Genting Casino Blackpool Hotel is a must have for Blackpool visitors and is one of the few casinos in Great Britain which have an electronic casino. At Genting Casino Blackpool we offer a vast range of Blackpool attractions. Genting casino Blackpool Casino offers a unique experience at our new Blackpool casino Blackpool. Scatter Holdem Poker - Best Online Casino Texas Poker is available for free in Google Play. Blackpool entertainment is truly one of the hottest, new entertainment events for the UK.

The Blackpool Entertainment Centre is based on the ground floor of Blackpool Tower and is open 24 hours on weekdays. Our Blackpool casino Blackpool offers a superb entertainment experience with a huge variety of live acts plus the latest in technology. Texas Holdem you will only play if your opponent has 1 hand.

Our gaming floor has 6 gaming tables - 1 of them has 4 or 7 screens at the end of a long line of games with full table settings. We also have full service restaurants with 5 bars, 4 pubs & a full bar with a range of drinks and food options. The dining area offers a wide selection of black pudding, hot chocolate and tater tots and many other choices. Genting casino Blackpool welcomes all Blackpool patrons to enjoy a full buffet breakfast on arrival from the restaurant.

Genting Casino Blackpool

There will be a choice of delicious black pudding to give a huge start to an exciting day. Genting Casino Blackpool has a small bar & restaurant and a range of Blackpool activities! Our Gentingcasino Blackpool Casino offers a stunning dining option at a great price. Genting Casino Blackpool Casino offers a superb live entertainment options with live music and comedy.

Our gaming floor has 6 gaming tables. We also have a full bar and a range of cocktails to choose from.

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Frightensome entertainment offers a full range of Blackpool amenities. Genting casino Blackpool Casino has a wide selection of Blackpool events and offers a unique Blackpool casino offering the best live entertainment.

Additional thoughts:

  • Genting Casino Blackpool boasts a full bar with live music from various acts such as, the D&J's, The Muffin Boys, A&P and the Blue Tongue. The only thing that you would need to bring is a drink and a good pair of eyes while playing at Genting Casino Blackpool. The casino is well hidden and if you know where to look you will find it a great value compared to other UK casinos.

    Genting Casino Blackpool is an awesome place to play poker if you're a regular. For the money you can't beat the gaming floor and we hope you enjoy playing Poker at Genting Casino Blackpool.

  • The casino is just a short distance from the entrance to Eastbound Walk which leads to the famous Chiltern Walk. In the distance we can see the bustling shopping district where the casinos are located. Genting Casino Blackpool is right outside of Blackpool National Park, which means that you can see the majestic skyline and walk down to Blackpool Castle for lunch! In another video posted to the Genting Casino Blackpool video board, which is in fact owned by the Genting Company, we see their new restaurant - The Ritz!

    While Genting Casino Blackpool is probably a small gem, it's definitely not without its unique quirks to find the perfect Blackjack, Jokers and Trivia game for your next event!

  • During your stay please remember to bring snacks and drinks with you. Genting Casino Blackpool is a very relaxed atmosphere. We recommend you try our menu, including fish fry served all day long with live entertainment on Saturday and Sunday nights at no extra cost. Genting Casino is a one time use casino and we recommend you book at least one night in advance. Check out the Genting Casino Blackpool website for more information onrates, opening times, hours of operation, hours to book and more.

    We hope you have a blessed time in Genting Casino Blackpool as we look forward to seeing you!

  • A number of the games are very well done and a good price for that. The games cost a total of $1.50 (excluding VAT) and we make sure that you check out the games to find out how they stack up. If you are looking to gamble, or are looking for a better deal and we do offer a large selection and prices to suit you then Genting Casino Blackpool offers many to all that are looking for your game.

    We've got tables all along the street in the bar-crawler area which is a good sign that Genting Casino Blackpool is not just a gambling establishment.

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