Genting Casino Fountain Park Edinburgh

Genting Casino Fountain Park Edinburgh

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With a maximum of 1,200 rooms to suit everyone from young professionals to seasoned professionals, our restaurant is something you won't want to miss. At any other restaurant, the first course can be found for around £35,000. Genting Casino Southampton is also a very popular club on Southampton's outskirts due to its very attractive, unique and exclusive club grounds. At Genting Casino Fountain Park the Grand Course is priced at just over £45,000 and comes complete with your choice of classic or modern table games as well as drinks such as our award winning and award winning hot, sour and bubbly cocktails. Enjoy a private dining room overlooking the Fountain Park, with stunning views of the gardens, surrounding villages and stunning views of Scotlandstunning landscapes and islands as you watch a game of golf taken to a whole new level.

Genting Casino Fountain Park also has a free shuttle service that runs along the main thoroughfare between the casino and The Fountain Park Leisure complex.

Or, enjoy your dinner at the luxurious restaurant in the café where you can take your choice of wines, steaks or appetisers and order from our range of wine and spirits for the table. We do not serve food in the café - it is offered in an outdoor area, where you can sit in the shade watching golfers work out on the course or in the shade of the great view of the Garden. Genting Casino Blackpool offers free wireless reception and free computer services at the gaming floor and casino tables.

At Genting Casino Fountain Park we know how to have a fun experience and will even cook a meal, including our famous 'Mangoes and Noodles' meal. For all of the great food available at The Grand Casino Fountain Park it's our pleasure if you take our word for it that Genting Casino Fountain Park will ensure that there is a good meal on the table - perfect for business and pleasure guests alike! Genting Casino Birmingham Membership is the latest casino to open on the Gold Coast. The casino boasts six tables ranging from high rollers to high rollers. Genting Casino Fountain Park offers a selection of dining services for those on a tight budget whilst enjoying a memorable evening at The Grand Casino Fountain Park.

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It is no surprise then that some of our famous favourites such as a selection of Italian cuisine, the famous hot dishes such as Italian steak pies and an extensive catering menu feature in The Grand Casino Fountain Park. Other popular events range from a selection of weddings to a number of sporting and birthday celebrations. Genting Casino Stoke is run by a team of dedicated professionals.

There is something for every occasion of every budget - at The Grand Casino Fountain Park we can cater for you whether you're looking to enjoy yourself or the event is large enough to accommodate.

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  • For your next party or private event please contact us on 011 473 7991 for your details and to book ahead. If you want to play poker in Edinburgh then come to Genting Casino Fountain Park. For one of the ultimate nights out in Edinburgh, visit Genting Casino Fountain Park.
  • At the Casino Fountain Park, the only casino fountain in the nation that offers free drinks and appetizers, our menu features all the classic favourites like chips and dips, burgers and hot dogs. For breakfast, take in the iconic Royal Canadian Mint Café in the casino as part of the daily menu. Genting Club Fountain Park is the ideal destination for casino lovers looking to enjoy the casino with friends, family or new comers to the popular pool hall known across Ottawa.
  • Come and enjoy the sights of Edinburgh with us. At Genting Casino Fountain Park we are proud to be able to offer a Grand Jackpot of up to £10,000.
Casino experience offering Vegas-style games
Casino experience offering Vegas-style games

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