Genting Casino Queen Square

Genting Casino Queen Square

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We pride ourselvesintroducing great entertainment every night and hosting a variety of activities to suit the club goers. You don't want to miss these exciting live event on the cobblestones or the streets of liverpool. Best Texas Holdem Poker players who are ranked here on Poker Junkie.

Join us on your next night out or the next evening, you won't be disappointed. For us this is nothing new, it feels like years ago that we first opened Genting Casino Queen Square in the heart of the city. Galaxy Poker 2 includes three player slots with over 100 different players in our community. But the location has just changed, we have a fully renovated Casino and lounge, an updated layout that provides a unique setting for fans of all kinds who want to enjoy all the latest entertainment before, during, and after the action. Genting Casino Queen Square is a fabulous location, just steps from a famous skyline with many of the finest night spots close by including The Blue Door at The Great Bridge, and The Ritz - two of the highest ranking venues in the area.

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While we have an extensive bar to cater for fans and to entertain them, all areas of the new Casino Queen Square include a dedicated catering unit offering a range of food and drink, and a wide selection of entertainment, arts and events to suit every occasion. We have extensive facilities available for our club day parties, birthday parties, after-dark night at venues in nearby markets, the night of football if you like, football friendly food and drink specials, and live music if you want to watch sporting events. The location of Genting Casino Queen Square in liverpool is right opposite the main river on a busy road leading towards the centre of the city, just a couple of minutes walk away from the iconic Millennium Bridge.

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  • Enjoy live sports, live poker, sports entertainment and entertainment of the world's top sports events every night. Enjoy live entertainment and family friendly events from all your favourite sports celebrities to all your favourite music bands in our new & interactive Sports Lounge at Genting Casino Queen Square. You will find live sports and live poker in all our Sports lounges at a fraction of the price at most bars.
  • It offers over 100 unique and interesting attractions for you and your loved ones to experience all night long. We would also like to thank the many partners from the Liverpool Tourism Authority and the Greater Liverpool and Horsforth Local Government Agency who worked and supported so hard to make this project a success!
The magic of Las Vegas without the travel & crowds
The magic of Las Vegas without the travel & crowds

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