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Only four symbols (including the highest win) will land in your opponent's hand. That is, you cannot win at Jackpot Diamonds slot if you are not paired to the exact same symbol. Yes, those symbols also appear as a hidden bonus in Jackpot Diamonds mini game). Double Triple Diamond Slot Online Casino is fully compatible with MGM, Anthem, MGM Resorts International, and Citi. To take the Jackpot Diamonds slot machine, you need to select a unique symbol each time you win.

For example, if you are playing in the main game, you would select the Jackpot Diamonds "4" symbol in your opponent's hand to activate your win condition of getting five of your ten symbols. And here it is the perfect win that you need to play in order to collect the highest jackpot! Triple Diamond Slot was analyzed by the RTP gaming force and contains awesome bonuses. To make each Jackpot Diamonds slot a big deal, the Jackpot Diamonds bonus and "special" jackpot prizes are different.

The jackpot diamonds are divided between four levels

The bonus jackpot is worth 500 Diamonds on a first Win, with a minimum payout of 50 Diamonds. To win a more valuable jackpot you will need to win in a single win. Double Da Vinci Diamonds is a new online slot game for online gaming. This bonus jackpot and "special" jackpot only appears in the first win and is worth 1 Diamond each on a win.

Jackpot Diamonds is currently being offered at 8,900 seats in 3 casinos, so it's worth your while to consider buying online – the only downside is that they're not currently available for mobile devices.

And the jackpot will only be worth 1 diamond if you reach a win condition of winning 5 of your 10 symbols. If this is not enough for you, the jackpot is worth even more than first win and the win condition can become a lot more powerful!

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And that is just the beginning with the Jackpot Diamonds slot machine. For now, the jackpot will only give you an additional 50 Diamonds if you have an odd sequence of winning symbols in your hand. You will also need to have a high enough Diamonds that the jackpot doesn't matter!

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You will need to get enough Diamonds to the maximum value. In the image above, you had a high DQ in the Main or Highballer game, and now you need to get your 50 Diamonds to the maximum value. But here you can see that the jackpot won't matter too much if you played an even sequence. Jackpot diamonds are like a free candy in the pocket.

The Jackpot Diamonds has four main cards and four high-level cards

If you are playing Jackpot Diamonds, you can spend money that might be coming your way in future games. If you earn lots of Jackpot Diamonds, you can spend a lot of money too! You can win jackpot diamonds at jackpot slots for up to 100 Diamonds each. Jackpot slot game in action with more than 1.35 million players!

This mode will surely become a favorite with you! Jokers have become a household word of sorts!

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  • We also have more great Jackpot Diamonds slot free play demos here at this link: jackpot-diamonds-free-play-dubai-dex. The Free Jackpot Diamonds™ bonus inside Hi Roller will unlock when you reach the 5 win lines without any interruption! The bonus content can be bought as a downloadable game here at GreenTube. Jackpot Diamonds is one of the longest running Slot Machine games worldwide, which will make it very interesting to see how the Hi Roller Game will grow in the years to come.

    The game is based on the real casino slot machines and it is a real-time strategy game with high stakes and hidden gems.

  • The Jackpot Diamonds logo will show you the exact locations of the five symbols. You have to position the symbol and play with it correctly to win at Jackpot Diamonds™ and the high-roller mode.

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