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You only need to find three matches from a line here; the first of these is the patterned white tiger, the second is the orange dragon and the third one is the orange dragon. Pays for a single six of a kind range from 2. Jungle Wild 2 has 3 different game modes to choose from. 6x to 166. 5x the stake. That amount clearly indicates the Jewel of the Jungle slot’s theme. These differences aside, the game literally has a lot to offer and so does the quality of the graphics. The aesthetic appeal and user friendly style keep the Jewel of the Jungle slot well and truly gives it an attractive look and feel.

This slot works well on both desktop and mobile devices and comes with an RTP of 95%. Frog of the jungle is an online slot machine brought to you by the well-known Novomatic software company. Jungle Slots No Deposit Bonus Australian online was a roaring success since its launch in 2013 and continues to be a favorite among online casino players. There is also a larger version of the slot at play here called Jewel of the Jungle Slot.

The Jewel of the Jungle Logo is the Wild of the game

With 5 reels and 50 paylines, Jewel of the Jungle Slot worthwhile on every devices’ user and PCs. For those, who enjoy themed slots, the Jewel of the Jungle Slot is a fun game to try. In the slot machine, you’ll see different symbols such as the Mask, raccoon, princess, jade elephant, golden star, dragon, and butterfly, along with the usual high ranking cards that represent the lower paid symbols on the reels. The Crazy Jungle Slot is the most popular casino game with millions of spins. Jewel of the Jungle Slot also has a gamble feature that can be active after any payout.

Jewel of the Jungle Slot

If you decide to take your prize, you’ll need to guess the correct colour of the next card that will be drawn. Choosing the wrong one means you forfeit your stake. Jungle Games has a dedicated player base. You may also notice that after a winning spin you have the choice to collect your winnings rather than start the game. You may gamble the winnings to further raise the stakes.

You may also choose to collect half of the winnings before gambling to try to recoup your stake. Jewel of the Jungle Slot isn't the first fab game on the gaming market to produce a premium slot machine. Super Jungle Wild Slot Machine II is one of the few slots that can be played with other players. However, it’s one that couple in a row with a vast array of interesting and vivid themes packed into such a niche genre.

This online slot has got a high RTP of 92.12, some wondering why you’ve scratched your way through it! Despite the huge number of bonus features, Desert Treasure 2 by Ainsworth Gaming is still a slot where we would expect a huge number of free spins and nice pay-outs. While the variance is high, the game is upbeat with plenty of surprising humour. Find out how this slot plays against the rules of this excellent slot with our Jewel of the Jungle Slot overview. A standard 5x3 grid is what we get with this 40-payline slot.

Jewel of the Jungle is any good cowboy-themed slot machine game!

It has a classic jungle horror feel but despite that we only get 2 reels for the symbols, and the remaining three are a 2x2 size. It has a few neat features like the Jaguar Wilds which can double and triple wins when it forms line wins but also there’s no multipliers. At least there are no blank faces here.

The title is played on a 5x3 board with 30 win-lines, paying from left to right.


  • The artwork was captured by the team from Games Lab, with all artwork sourced from Amazon and used in the creation of the slot machine for the jewel of the jungle slot. The jewel of the jungle slot machine will feature in the future, when the casino is open to public, in a new themed game of Tic Tac Te and can be found on the slot machine, Jewel of the Jungle. The slot machine is expected to hit the table on the 23rd June in Melbourne if you are able to visit the Casino for a visit or sign up for a virtual tour. I know this was a surprise to many of the many Amazonians, and I do apologise for this surprise.I would like to personally thank the Amazonians for all their help in my quest to find this wonderful game.
  • With your new slot machine skills comes the fact you may encounter even the most experienced players. The Amazon rainforest is known for its legendary monsters, so you might encounter certain monsters that are so fearsome, they can even kill your hero. In the end, you can even kill more than one monster at once. You can win this slot game with a total of 1 million credits when you complete the game of Jewel of the Jungle and receive 25 gold coins.You will receive the Jewel of the Jungle next to your avatar, and as there are no other slots to purchase, you also receive 100 Amazon currency when you win the game.
  • Like the Wild coin, each run of Jewel of the Jungle rewards you with a jewel and a Wild coin - however. As with the Wild coin, the slot machines are all built to be replayed until a player finds more jewels that they want to re-win or another player loses.While there isn't quite as much randomness to play as with Wild coins, the re-releases are designed to bring in new players and make the process of gaining new cards enjoyable. If you want to try out Jewel of the Jungle, it's available for purchase here.
  • But, once you purchase the slot machine, you will also have all kinds of exotic items available in Jewel of the Jungle. Jewels of Treasure, Jewel of the Jungle, Jewel of the Jungle are an amazing set of fun and new games designed to help you to enjoy the Jungle on a long term basis with just a single click. We have a couple new skins and a few fun new skins to come if you love playing Pokemon or Dungeon Master and want to keep an eye on us, on the next generation of Nextgen Gaming. And just for good measure, there's also something for everyone.
  • Check out the above video slot machine, Jewel of the Jungle to pick up your favorite game and make sure to check out its music. For our next entry, nextgen casino, Jewel of the Jungle was our go to casino to get hands on experience as a pro! If you have any feedback or ideas you'd like us to feature, then feel free to leave us a post on the Facebook group below.
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