Haunted Hospital Slot

Haunted Hospital Slot

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This Haunted Hospital slot offers an unexpected challenge for the new and experienced players, as it was designed as a special event inannual Halloween convention of the world's premier game retailers. This is a truly unique Halloween slot available to those with a passion for the world of the haunted hotel, and it is one which has gone viral in the gaming community for its uncanny combination of horror, adventure, and the highest of rewards. The Magic Stars 3 gets the $5,000 prize).

As a bonus, we will be running this Haunted Hospital slot during the Halloween 2014 convention with additional slot games like a haunted pool table and the Haunted Circus in November 2014. These new features only makes a Haunted Hospital slot the more enticing. The Haunted House After Dark Slot Machine really gives you something special running online.

Haunted Hospital Slot

The Haunted Hospital slot was once used for slot machine games in North Carolina, but has since passed to the world's largest gaming convention, PAX East, where it will continue to offer a special edition for Halloween 2014. You can check out some pictures of Wazdan Casino's new Haunted Hospital game to see just how different this special Halloween edition of the Haunted Hospital slot will be! Magic Stars 3-reel has three rows. Happy hacking to all the folks of the gaming community at Wazdan for their love of Wazdan casino games from the dark, to the light.

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  • With a total available slot room that includes 7 casino rooms and 5 separate locations that are themed around the haunted theme of the game, you―re in for an adventure with this new version of Haunted Hospital! With each of Wazdan’s new Haunted Hospital rooms being themed around their respective theme, you will have an entire theme park experience with no need for reservation! There are 9 different horror themes for these games, so you―re getting exactly what you need to create your own unique Haunted Hospital theme. There are nine different theme rooms for them to choose from - it―s a full horror themed Haunted Hospital theme.With this room being so similar to "Doctor" theme, it gives you great room to keep your cards close when exploring this Haunted Hospital room.
  • Haunted Hospital for free, or $40 to purchase it free. So far the price has been increasing rapidly: $45 for the initial round, 45 for the next three rounds, 50 for the last five, etc. Here is a table comparing the total price to other slots in the game and the amount of free cards you are getting. As of this moment I am still waiting for a slot, so let me know what slot you would prefer and I will help you find it. If you have had any luck in getting a free Haunted Hospital slots please share it with me in the comment and hit "Like".Check back soon for updates.
  • For example, there would be less of an emphasis on collecting money and more on killing the doctor's assistants (doctors, nurses that try to rescue patients) to earn money from the casino. I guess this game could look like a little bit like Blackjack but in a better way. This is not to say the game might not be good, it is already on par with Blackjack and is still good in some of its strengths. So, if Blackjack or Poker doesn't appeal to you, at Least Haunted Hospital is great for you right now so go ahead and play it. I personally feel that Haunted Hospital is better for Blackjack and Poker players because these games require more of your money in cash so it makes a lot of sense that some gambling elements would be present in Haunted Hospital like Blackjack and Poker.
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