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Magic Stars 3 Slot

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You can read about that earlier piece here. We then give you our review of Magic Stars 3 slot 3 here. Double Magic packages must be sold for 1,000,000 Double Magic coins, or more. And if you want our thoughts on this follow up to a Wazdan classic, we gave 2 stars, but if you thought that we rated it 5 stars it's because the game didn't work and there was a huge gap in terms of a game that actually played in terms of being fun and challenging enough. Magic Stars 3 slot 3 is something we like to recommend, with a game that requires some skill but is still easy to learn and play.

The Magic Stars 3 also features 3 different bonus cards

If we like to take a look at Magic Stars 3 slot 3 and recommend that you buy it, we put our ratings for the 2 stars out there (as shown above, and have done so with our previous review here. There are 5 rounds of play in this follow up to an old favorite which we have only given 3 stars because we found it really didn't feel or play like a Star Wars game and it actually feels less like a Wazdan game (and also we don't believe it plays like a Star Wars game either). Slots Online Australia has several unique features, like a different coin value system and rules allowing all players to play the game in their own way. If you want to try this follow-up to something that has earned a lot of our respect, Idefinitely give it a look. So far it feels like a Wazdan clone that doesn't really deliver all that it's given over the past 15 years (and maybe they have been trying to get away with that).

We give our reviews for both Magic Stars 3 and the follow up I've just talked about - the second game in Magic Stars 2 slot series are as follows. If we liked Magic Stars 2, we'll give you our review here first here. The Magic Slot Games isn’t breaking new ground then, but itstill a great feature that can bring in multiple wins for free.

The Magic Stars 3 Slot is an aggressive, cheap, low variance, player focused format that might not even be worth spending a premium to play.

If we like Magic Stars 2, we'll give you our review here. Finally, if we like Magic Stars 2, we'll give you our review here. This game came in the form of its own box with the following contents in the plastic box, along with a copy of Wazdan's original Star Wars card game for use in Magic Stars slot 3. 5x Magic is a bit more ambitious than other classic slot machine games that were originally developed for the slot machine. There is no "star cards".

This is because the game has only six stars and the games is set in an alternate universe. We have had no trouble understanding the game and it's mechanics. There is no "player slots".

This is because there are no slots in the game itself.


The Wazdan slot also features both the usual Starburst and Magic Stars 3 symbols so be sure to click on both the Star and the Starburst symbols in the Magic Stars 3 slot for a close up look! All things considered, the Magic Stars 3 slot is a good way to discover the potential of your new slot for NetEnt. We will definitely talk about NetEnt's new Starburst slots in a later point of our Magic Stars 3 Review 2019.
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