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Wazdan was previously involved with "Chaos Magic" which has been developed and played by Wizzou and has a total prize pool of $16,000. According to this website, Magic Fruits 81 slot's name is inspired by the "Kuruma, Mitsuha and Kogoro" characters from Final Fantasy XII. Wazdan's other titles are "Monsters Magic" (released in 2012) and "Void Magic" (2014). Magic Fruits Deluxe benefits from cascading symbols and an exciting feature that could have help to pay big wins. Wazdan is a Chinese software company which is well known for its software and online gaming operations.

The Magic Fruits 81 software can be downloaded here

Both titles have been designed by Wazdan China who have developed and released software in other markets. Wazdan is located in Shenzhen. In 2013 Wazdan began promoting Magic Fruits 81 in China with the help of online gaming giant China Gaming Internet which hosted a Wazdan website called MagicFruits81. com. Magic Fruits 27 has a huge following, making it one of the largest Magic online slot simulator games in use across the globe. According to this link, Wazdan also offers the opportunity to play the Japanese version of this slot game on the "Japanian" internet.

Magic Fruits 81 Slot Machine

In 2014 China Gaming Media offered one year subscriptions to play Magic Fruits 81 on the "Japanian" internet. When using the site, you can enter the number in the box, then click on either "Online games" tab or "Movestrong online games" tab to see which of their slots are available to you. Magic Fruits is free and available for download! In November this year, in an interview with China Tech Report, Wazdan's director said that there were currently 80 slots within the game, though there was no concrete proof of this claim, although he stated that as long as their numbers don't go down, it would appear so.

The Wazdan "Magic" product is designed for Japanese playing style, and will only offer Japanese slots. Magic Fruits 81 has also been offered to the Chinese players of Wizzou's "Hobbit Magic" slot games, and has recently been offered by Wazdan to Wizzou players of their slot machines. Magic Fruits Deluxe is currently available for PC, MAC and PlayStation Vita and we have had very good luck with our Kickstarter. While some of the slots may not be available to English speaking players, Magic Fruits 81 offers slots to both Japanese and Chinese players. Magic Fruits 81 isannual slot game, and is offered with a total prize pool up to $17,000.

You can find more information here:

Magic Fruits has been in operation since 1999 and has made about 500,000 Japanese copies of slot games each year. Of the approximately 10,000 Japanese slots in Magic Fruits 81, over 20,000 of them are sold every year.

The Magic Fruits name and title is also popular for many other online-based games and mobile applications. Magic Fruits 81 is also similar to SuperFruit and its Japanese version.


I will cover Wazdan software and how to get a working Wazdan game on my later article on Wazdan. The Magic Fruits 81 game has a minimum deck size of 8 boards. The Magic Fruits 81 game can play 3 or 6 symbols per row. The Magic Fruits 81 game has a minimum deck size of 3 boards. The Magic Fruits 81 game can play 3 or 2 symbols per row.
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