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As you can see from the prototype, Magic Fruits Deluxe was created primarily in the digital environment, so that you can freely access game pages on the platform of your choice. This makes the game even more flexible than traditional games. Magic Fruits’ RTP is 91.1%.

Card games The game features a mix of card matching game and card trading, in which players collect various fruits from throughout the world of Magic Fruits Deluxe and try to become the first to collect them all. Card trading The game uses a trading system, where players exchange cards between each other in a card market. Basic card game In Magic Fruits Deluxe, you collect fruits with different cards. Exotic Fruity Fortune Deluxe Slot gives players a "dock" for any of the items at your disposal. Magic Fruits Deluxe consists of 3 main types of fruits.

Magic Fruits Deluxe mobile only has 10 fixed payline, with 5 reels

Each type has its own style. Special fruits Magic Fruits Deluxe contains special fruits, which are special types of fruits that you may only be able to collect once. The 5 Juggle Fruits slot machine is run in order to get all of the same Juggle Fruits into the Payline. The special fruits are usually found in the most obscure places in the land of Magic Fruits Deluxe.

Magic Fruits Deluxe is a great first game

The special fruits are found in treasure chests, trees, ruins, and in certain special places in the land of Magic Fruits Deluxe. Special fruits appear in different colors, of course. Golden Fruits has a new card game type called 'Greeting cards' which allows you to place your cards on the board and play them.

Magic Fruits Deluxe is the third game to be produced by Novomatic slots that nod on that tradition, which is also rare to see these days.

You can collect them by looking for them, finding hidden in the environment, or by exchanging cards with other players. Earning cards For every fruit (other than special fruits, you will earn 1 card and the corresponding fruit, in any kind of color. The Colossus Fruits Slot Machine comes with two game options.

The cards of these fruits become special treasures for a limited time. For the sake of the game, your cards are able to acquire special fruits (totems) that give you some special properties. Players can accumulate as many cards of a certain type as they want, until the next day of the week when all their cards must remain in the deck. This enables players to get the best fruits of the game.

The Magic Fruits Deluxe online slot game is fun to play

The basic card games The cards of Magic Fruits Deluxe are a mix of the classics, and the modern ones that have been developed to fit the game perfectly. As you can easily see from the game's prototype, the game is played on a fixed board (the board is 20 cm around). Cards are divided into 20-card stack, each stack with 8-by-8 squares. Some cards were added as a special treat to enhance the game's flavor.

Magic Fruits Deluxe includes the new game mode, which is based on the strategy deck of cards you already have (in Magic Fruits Deluxe, you can only purchase items on the first play of the new game, and many more.

Players gather to trade cards with other players (in order to obtain the fruits that are in demand among their friends). Then they all exchange cards together. You can also acquire fruits directly from chests and tree nests along the way.

You can also find the special fruits while exploring the various locations of the land of Magic Fruits Deluxe. Trying to become the last one to obtain all fruits and treasures is a long and arduous quest. And each fruit has its own unique strength and is capable of changing the outcome of the game when used in combination with other fruits in the right ways. In addition, players can increase their chance to win (in the game's main mode, the game is played in a "winner take all" game; in the game's free mode, the game is played by itself but you get to use the cards of other players, so, in theory, you can have higher chance to collect all the fruits in the game).

Final thoughts:

  • A lot of games have come up where players have to hold the button repeatedly (like in the slot) to ensure a payout, so there must be a reason to do this. Magic Fruits Deluxe doesn't have to put players to that burden, and that has to be my favorite aspect of this slot as well. Wazdan’s Magic Fruits Deluxe is a game with more to offer a player and to enjoy.It is a must-play classic slot.
  • If there“s interest to play Magic Fruits Deluxe then we think this is the best bet for players of the format. To play Magic Fruits Deluxe, players must sign up for the subscription to a subscription account at Bet365 to play as fast as possible while keeping their bets from over 60 bets. If you want to learn more about Magic Fruits Deluxe, then don’t miss a single gameof the best, or you can check out the official Magic Fruits Deluxe website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at or tweet us @betfruits.
  • The other key elements of Magic Fruits Deluxe are: 2-Player online play, a fully-integrated multiplayer mode and the ability for 1-Player friends, 1-Player group, online play and a multi-player, multisport-like game. You can pick one, and you can pick any fruit.
  • Each player has two types of cards— the normal cards (the ones you see on the playing field) and the specialty cards— which represent the types of fruit you'll find in the game. The Magic Fruits Deluxe design was done by Wazdan, a very talented Russian company that focuses on the creation of digital products, like this site.
  • What is Magic Fruit Deluxe? Magic Fruit Deluxe doesn’t have a single theme, but you can choose one of the four flavors: black, orange, yellow and blue. With each win, you get double all of the previous wins and lose only your last winning payout.
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