Turtle Creek Casino

Turtle Creek Casino

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All games are held on-site. All customers must have a U. S resident address in order to play, so make sure you get the address right on the form you are completing in order to purchase a slot. Buffalo Creek Casino also features paper games to keep even the non-gamblers happy. Once you get the address correct, you will be able to purchase a ticket with a value of up to $2,500, so get it right!

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel also offers free online poker

There are no other gaming tables in the hotel except for our casino games! We offer free WiFi to both of our properties, so your room stays warm and you are always connected! The Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel offers room packages at both our luxury resort and casino, all which include: Room, breakfast, car service, and a daily casino game, as well as various daily hotel stay packages. The Platinum Lightning Deluxe video clips are sold on our store. The hotel packages include a complimentary room, a daily casino game, breakfast, all car service, and two nights lodging.

Turtle Creek Casino

Our casino package includes a complimentary room, a daily slot machine, breakfast, all car service, a daily casino game, breakfast, three slots a day, and a daily breakfast. The hotel packages also include overnight lodging, two nights lodging, an early morning breakfast, and a daily casino game. The Lightning Roulette Dice Pool is filled with great prizes and prizes are great prizes. Please note that all hotel packages expire 1/31/2019. Click on the tabs in the table below to view hotel packages at the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. The Turtle Creek Hotel is one of the first hotels in the United States to be owned by a tribe.

The Turtle Creek Hotel is one of the finest hotels in the State of Michigan where you can be absolutely sure that the people whose hospitality you have benefited with the privilege of residing here are very glad to meet you and welcome you with open arms. The Turtle Creek Hotel is a grand location for visiting casinos, it's just a short drive to both the Grand Traverse Casino & the Grand Traverse State Park. The Lightning Gems Slot is an open-ended slot, which allows you to insert gems of the same attribute. Please note: The Grand Traverse Resort & Casino is a licensed Casino and is open to the public. Each room at the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel includes breakfast, a car service and a daily casino game.

  • What time is checkout at Turtle Creek Casino?

    Check-in begins at 4 p.m. We will try our best to accommodate any early check-in requests. Early check-ins are not guaranteed and are based off occupancy.

Hotel Package is for residents with a U.S Resident Address. Hotel Package is located on-site in the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. Car Services are offered at both the Grand Traverse & Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. Please note: All car services are sold by Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel and available with the exception of their own car service.

Final thoughts:

  • For a great selection of poker favorites and games to entertain guests, we're proud to offer great-value meal packages in the hotel lobby, as well as our restaurant, a full menu of tasty, popular dishes from local restaurants and specialty eateries, and live music all year long! Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel has a very wide range of events including live music events, birthday parties, parties for our employees and guests, and more, so please book online. The Turtle Creek Casino offers complimentary hotel room rentals, but please check accommodations prior to visit!All guests must present valid government-issued ID, proof of insurance and proof of payment. Please note that guests under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult and that minors must wear adult-oriented attire.
  • Our casino also features a full bar, a complete entertainment program featuring live music, and top-quality food on the buffet and buffet grill. Check out our full menu! Turtle Creek Casino is at the hub of everything in Lake Austin at the River Walk Mall.
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