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In addition to cruising in the Caribbean and Caribbean Sea, Celebrity Cruises ships are available for charter cruises to Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Cuba cruises: You're sure to enjoy the experience aboard Celebrity Cruises. Carnival Fantasy will run on an all-electric, 48-hour, 7 day, 7 night schedule each year when the company is open. This Caribbean cruise starts with a tour of the historic old port of Cienfuegos, complete with interactive exhibits, a history lesson with Cuban leaders Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro, and a tour of the museum of Cuba's best-in-class heritage. Czechs: The Celebrity Cruise Line's Czech cruises will surely capture your imagination and make you want to set sail on Celebrity Cruise Line.

This popular cruise has a unique concept, inviting you to join a daylong break in the mountains from Cemex to the seaside resort of Tursa, on the island of Sázavár. The fun starts at 6:30am, when you visit the small town of Sázavár, and continues with guided tours and a guided boat tour from 6 – 8am! Rhapsody Of The Seas offers a variety of activities during the cruise. 1. Czechs: If you're looking for a different type of cruise to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city on your cruise, you can book a Czech Cruise.

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Unlike most other cruise lines, Celebrity Cruise Line has partnered with Czech Cruise, a not-for-profit company offering travel to all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cruises for seniors: While a cruise isn't the best way to celebrate retirement — particularly on an island paradise — it's a great way to relax after a hard day at work or during the summer vacation. Puerto Rico Cruises: Celebrity Cruise Line offers a selection of packages that include a day on the water, a day on the island, a day at the resorts and a day in the sun, while also offering an itinerary tailored for you. Captain Nelson Deluxe is a 9 payline slot from Zeus Play. Award winning cruise: Celebrity Cruise Line and its fleet of 11 cruises are all named "Best in Class" in a newly released Cruise-A-Thon Award contest, which has made the Celebrity Cruises fleet the world's longest-running and proudest fleet of cruise ships that provide memorable vacations to many destinations.

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On June 19th and 21st this year, the fleet gathered in Fort Lauderdale to demonstrate how the boats are run and to recognize the best in class of the ships featured at this year's event. Luxury cruise: Celebrity cruise line is dedicated to ensuring that its cruise ships are designed to make guests feel as though they truly are part of some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Celebrity Cruises ships are designed with beautiful, high-quality suites in which guests can stay, and are made to look like an international super-luxury holiday destination. Cruise style: Celebrity Cruise Line ships are designed to look like the "cruise style" — the modern-day luxury of the 1980s and 1990s.

The ships' exterior is adorned with elaborate mosaics to help create a sense of relaxation and glamour, while the beautiful suites are fitted with luxuries like marble floors, private balconies and spa amenities to help customers relax and recharge. Sea-going cruise: Celebrity cruises feature spectacular port visits with the most beautiful sailing in the Americas.

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