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Famous as the first cruise ship in the world designed for sailing to the Bahamas, the Princess and Majestic Princess are currently in the fourth year of their voyage to the Caribbean. Princess Cruises was founded in 1891 and first brought people to the Caribbean when her maiden voyage was in 1894. Princess Ocean Casino is a challenging game, yet fun in equal measures. Her first voyage, the Lady Victoria, was the subject of the play “The Princess of Britain.

Princess Cruises brings its signature cruises to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Mexico, and to the Hawaiian islands and the West Coast of Mexico and California. As of 2018, Princess Cruises has sailings to the following U. S ports: Orlando, Fla. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Santa Barbara, Calif. Long Beach, Calif. Portland, Maine; Annapolis, Md. The Emerald Princess offers restaurants from the very best in our area and in all of our culinary traditions. Charleston, S. and St. Augustine, Fla, as well as an upcoming trip to the Bermuda Triangle, Australia and New Zealand. Princess Cruises: The Most Popular Seawitch On the Seas! In 2018, Princess Cruises' Royal-class ships, Pacific Princess and Majestic Princess, have both sailed to Mexico for the first time, and in the last decade have sailed to the Bahamas. These vessels have also participatedinternational cruises to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Caribbean and Mexico City.

Princess Cruises

Sailings are free aboard Princess Cruises Royal class vessels. See schedule below) Princess Cruises has a limited number of tickets available, starting as low as $69, including free meals and drink. Only $5 extra if booked in advance). Princess Cruises also accepts credit card only online reservations. For more information and current Princess Cruises rates, please visit here. A fee is charged to the card the customer is using prior to booking (as the actual ticket price, fees and taxes are not reflected in the ticket).

A confirmation e-mail is sent to this e-mail address.


  • Royal Caribbean has an incredibly loyal and knowledgeable group of customers that are willing to travel thousands of miles each and every year which ensures that Princess Cruises is always the first one on your to-do list. If you're looking for the best cruise on the water, then Princess Cruises is the one to book. Princess Cruiseline offers 1,000 days of cruises in all six of its categories including: Cabo San Lucas, Emerald Princess and Star Princess. We also have unique, luxury cruises with exclusive activities. For more information please join us at or click on the contact Us button below.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • This partnership brings together an exciting combination of brands with many talented management teams behind them. The Holland America Group is working with Princess Cruises to ensure future successes for the Princess Cruises line worldwide, and to improve Princess Cruises' bottom line and position as the industry leader in cruise liners. Founded in 2005, Princess Cruise Line is a luxury cruise line created as America's first, world-class luxury cruise line. Princess Cruise Line's original five ship fleet is capable of carrying about 6,200 guests a year and their schedule expands at any time in the summer of each year.

  • It joins a long tradition of world renowned Princess Cruises vessels – including Carnival Princess of the Seas, Princess Saint-Jacques, Saint Helena, St. Martin, Princess Royal, Princess Royal Yacht Britannia, Princess Royale, and all seven of our ocean cruises. All Princess Cruises World Cruise Lines ship from the US with regular schedule service to their destinations all across the globe, including Hawaii, Spain, Panama, Costa Rica and the Bahamas.

  • The Majestic Princess will join Princess Cruises' illustrious line of four Princess Cruise ships: Pacific Princess, Princess Victoria, Princess Royal, and Princess Diorama. Each of these ships has been cast in a leading role on “The Love Boat“ featuring an impressive collection of award winning, award winning stars. With over a decade of production, the Majestic Princess delivers unforgettable guests: more than 1 million guests a year and 2,000 crew members for its 8.8 billion-year voyage on a daily basis.

  • By creating what was once a subsidiary of Carnival, Princess Cruises was transformed from a "family-run cruise line" into an American company, with the aim of diversifying the company's offerings for its international clientele and diversifying the operations at Prince Edward Island. As a consequence, Princess and other related companies have achieved global brand recognition while maintaining focus overseas. Princess Cruise Line maintains close relationships with the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Caribbean for safety considerations. A member of the Royal Australian Navy's International Cruise Fleet Group, Princess Cruise Line transports an Australian crew on its annual tour to the UK and other world markets in order to enhance customer experience and ensure long-term security in our customers, their passengers, and crew.

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