Captain Quid's Treasure Quest Slot

Captain Quid's Treasure Quest Slot

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The Treasure Quest Bonus grants extra treasure to the captain, and the bigger the bonus in turn the better the chance of finding great treasure. This feature is included as a separate slot in the playerslot in the game. The Treasure Quest Bonus is active in the game at all times and is automatically activated by the button-press of the game when in the Captain Quid's Treasure quest slot. You are not required to activate the Treasure Quest Bonus to earn in-game rewards, but it does come in handy for getting a bonus and keeping track of the bonus. Burning Ocean is a three-player game with no fixed order of play, but each player has two lines. The Treasure Quest Bonus will not appear on the IGT slot until after the Captain Quid’s TreasureQuests have finished.

Captain Quid
s Treasure Quest Slot has a great look and feel

The game requires an active Treasure Quest bonus slot to keep the bonus active, and there may not be enough available slots for all players to earn at a time. It is possible for players to see an active bonus slot but the bonus slot will not update to allow further exploration. There are several ways to get Treasure Quid’s Treasure to appear on the IGT slot, most notably through the IGT's Treasure Quest button. Pirate Princess is available on Steam and on the Ooooh site for $5. Clicking this button automatically opens the Treasure Quest Bonus window and allows the player to select a bonus.

The Captain Quid Adventure mode can be a wonderful way to catch out the bounty hunters out at Sea, as well as to nab some of the more interesting Captain Quid characters.

The Treasure Quest Bonus has two sub-features of its own. The first, the Treasure Quest Booty feature, will provide players the chance to earn extra treasure. Pirate Princess is a card game with 3 to 6 players. The Treasure Quest Booty feature is active when Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest slot is selected in the game and provides players with an extra bonus (50% of an amount they already have, plus 5,000x bonus for doing so. The second sub-feature is the Captain Quid’'s Treasure card.

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You earn Captain Quid’s Treasure by finding treasure within the Treasure Quid’s Treasure Quest slot and then returning to the Captain Quid's Treasure Quest slot. You earn Captain Q’s Treasure cards when any Treasure Quest Bonus is active within the slot as well as any Treasure Quid’'s Treasure card bonuses. Treasure Chest Slots’s Treasure Quest also includes several optional missions. Every Treasure Quest Bonus has a 'level' which increases in level with each Treasure Quid’'s Treasure card reward you can earn.

For example, if you earn five Treasure Quid’s Treasure Card Rewards you will get a level 1 Treasure Quid’'s Treasure card - level 1 with no Treasure Quid’'s Treasure card bonuses. As Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest does not unlock the 'Treasure Quid’s Treasure card' feature until after the final treasure is placed, you may want to avoid entering your slot early in the quest by leaving one of your quest captains alone to place the final treasure or by waiting for the right time to complete the quests and have the Captain Quid’'s Treasure Quest slot open up. When the Treasure Quest bonus is active you can use the 'Treasure Quid’'s Treasure card' button to search for treasure within the Treasure Quid’s Treasure Quest slot. Pirate Treasure can be used in three different ways. This button is located at the bottom left of the Treasure Quest Bonus window.

If there is treasure in the Treasure Quid’s Treasure Quest slot the Treasure Quest bonus stays active, but only until you click the button again.

Additional points:

  • Players can unlock a bonus by playing enough slots in Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest (5 slots). The bonus features four unique game modes which include: The Golden Treasure, the Treasure Quest Board Game, the Game of Treasure, and the Game of Revenge. The Treasure Quest board game feature a unique card game theme that includes the Pirate Queen, Captain Quid’s Castle, and The Quiddick.With a base game jackpot of 10,000x, this slot is not to be missed, so grab your crew, and join the journey to Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest for more Pirates! Here is a great video overview of the Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest slot from GameSpot.
  • Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest Slot has been created by Jeroen Deen & The A. a team of original fans who have found ways to give IGT fans the tools they need to enjoy the classic adventure game of Star Citizen. This team are all very passionate about Star Citizen and it is their hope that we can make Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest slots as appealing as possible without compromising on quality. Check out their Treasure Quest Slot Review which explains more about these fantastic features. Star Citizen and IGT are well known for the wonderful games that they have made. The success of Star Citizen as a game has often been attributed to it being both a big-budget project that had to be developed by teams with a certain kind of game development mentality, and then made playable by independent developers with a certain amount of passion.
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