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Free online video poker games from best online casinos around the Internet are brought for your enjoyment in this games catalog. New video poker games in 2015 are listed first. Play all types of video poker games online for fun without real money. Types of video poker machines include: Deuces wild, Jacks or better (sometimes called Draw Poker), Joker Poker, Double bonus, Double double bonus, King of the decks, Progressive video poker machines, and also All American, Aces and Faces, Tens or Better, Super Jackpot, and some more.

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You can play many types of video poker games and there are some more than your favorite. One of the best and probably the most popular are the 2 player free video poker games and also the Free Deuces Wild Free Video Poker game. VideoPoker. t has all these online video poker games as free games and you don't pay any fee. Double Bonus game cards always need to be played and played right, meaning you need two of those cards to have a double bonus. One of the best games that VideoPoker. t have is the double bonus where you play two games.

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Both your bet and the prize for your winnings in the double bonus games is double. The second game of this double bonus game is called a double win bonus which also guarantees a double win in the same game and also guaranteed the jackpot. Deuces Wild Gameplay Guide - Deckbuilders include the Deuces are Wild Card Game guide and some of the best free strategy card games available in the game. Many of these games offer the same odds for jackpot and double payouts in the single bonus game. Double win bonus games are played from November 6 th 2016 to February 15 th 2016.

What is video poker?

Video poker, actually the progenitor of slot games, is a brilliant game that combines the random thrills of the fruit machine with the mathematics of poker.

Video poker is often described as “rather like a fruit machine, except with a big more skill” – the Australians even fail to make the distinction, referring to both types of game as “pokies” – but perhaps that should be the other way ‘round, as an antecedent of modern video poker was actually created first in America.

In the 19th century, machines resembling modern slot machines had five reels, within each was a standard deck of 52 cards – though typically two of the decks had one face card removed each so as to halve the number of possible royal flushes. The customer pushed a button and essentially the ‘reels’ were ‘spun’, randomly creating a poker hand upon stoppage. The fruit machine variations would appear a decade or two later.

How do you play video poker?

With this mind, understand that strategy in video poker bears little resemblance to that of standard poker and owes more to the sheer luck of slot machines. While in video poker as in real-life draw poker, one tries to make the best possible poker hand with one deal of five cards, followed by one round of drawing cards, the element of bluffing and indeed playing against anyone at all is absent in video poker.

Unlike standard poker, video poker in online casinos is prone to variants. Some online games make 2s wild or throw in a wild joker or two to make things interesting; in these games, winning hands pay out at shorter odds and stuff like pairs may not pay at all!

Even more popular – and potentially more lucrative if you know how to adjust your strategy; see below – are multi-hand games. In these games, any number of identical hands (typically between five and 100) are dealt to the player. As in standard video poker, the player chooses which cards to drop; this is duplicated in each of the individual hands, but for each hand the draws themselves are different. Whereas one hand might become a pair of aces, another may draw a full house, while a third busts as an Ace-high hand, etc.

What is a good strategy for video poker?

In all forms of video poker, two items take precedence: The number of outs for the hand after the draw and the payouts given to a winning hand.

After getting your first five cards, count all the cards remaining that will give you a winning hand, a.k.a. the outs. For example, if you have A-K-Q-J-3 and you wish to discard the 3 to hit the straight, that leaves you with four opportunities to get the straight (the four 10s), but also 12 other opportunities to draw an ace, king, queen or jack for a pair of face cards – typically a winning hand in most video poker. You therefore have a 15/47 (where 47 is the 52 card in the deck minus the five in your hand), or roughly a one-in-three, chance of winning the hand.

Why is this number important to know? Because of the second key aspect of video poker: The payouts. If you’re playing any variation of video poker that has wild cards, a pair probably won’t pay at all, so if you’re holding four cards of the same suit but also a pair, you’ll want to throw away the pair in hopes of drawing the flush – and a higher payout.

In multi-hand or “power poker” games, these two numbers become even more important. With 50 hands, you’ll sometimes need to decide between going for lots of low-paying winning hands or a few high-paying winners.

By knowing these two simple numbers, you’ll be able to exploit the full advantage of the skill factor in video poker. Video poker is not a game of pure luck like the fruit machine, but you need to stay on point to make the most of your wagers.

Where can I play video poker online?

Slick-playing standard video poker games and many variants are available at our partnering casinos online. Play for free or real money today by clicking a link!

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