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We've proven: If video games are your passion, Shake the Sky Video Poker can change your life. Shake the Sky Video Poker makes it easier than ever for you to win, and make more money when you win. As a player, how quickly can you afford to trade your smartphone away? Poker Trainer for Android and iPhone works smoothly on all phones. What better place to find out how it's doing?

Shake The Sky Video Poker also has a feature that allows you to follow a player across all their accounts, including the Ipad or Android app version.

That's exactly what we did with Shake the Sky Video Poker. We had to put our heads together, and we decided to build a video poker app that was also fun to control. All American Poker – This is one of the most widely played games online for those European and Asian gamblers out there.

Latest Apps:

Latest Apps: (on Google Play)
Latest Apps: (on Apple App Store)
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It turns into a game that lets you play with family and friends – not just friends of friends. What kind of games are available at Shake The Sky Video Poker? Progressive Video Poker games are more popular than they used to be. We have an extensive list of mobile video games of which more than half work well or are even fun for multiple players - with many more on their way. It takes about 15 minutes to play Shake The Sky Video Poker.

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The app works in any device with the Android or iPhone app, except the iPad, which requires an extra click. We recommend: iPad 4- and 5-inch iPads. We encourage: Any device that has Bluetooth.

We don't recommend: iPad Mini 3-inch or higher. Where can I find a copy of Shake The Sky Video Poker? You can purchase it using the free app or via Amazon, through this link.

The iOS version is available free. We've found it's almost impossible to track down the free version because Amazon and other retailers just put it in their bottom-feeders list - with no guarantees. How can I get a copy of the app? There are two ways you can get a copy.

When you try out Shake The Sky Video Poker, you will have to re-download the app for every app you play. Your copy is saved with your device. On the other hand, if you're already playing the app with iTunes, you can purchase it right there. You'll want to pay extra cash for the "Free" version as iTunes will charge you an extra $2.00 for every download in your area.

Summary of article:

  • Shake The Sky Video Poker was featured in Apple News today and will be featured on the new Apple TV! Shake the Sky Video Poker is now available for FREE on the iOS App Store? We believe Shake The Sky Video Poker is the perfect mobile app for anyone who enjoys video games - no matter your age, background or skill level.
  • If you like Shake The Sky Video Poker, please leave a review on Google Play for the best experience and the ability to earn extra cash. You can get a 10-star review by entering the email address you used in the app. You can also send a quick email to so that I can read those reviews and update the app without your spam getting through! If you would like to play the video poker games featured in the app, please contact me at for a link to play with Shake The Sky Video Poker.
  • The ability to check and update the rank history shows the current state of Shake The Sky Video Poker. The new features and improvements for Shake The Sky Video Poker have been made with user feedback and user requests.
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Start winning big jackpots at the casino now

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