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Winning a single player will earn you $250. The winner can have up to 12 casinos at one time, no limit, and it's easy to add others to the mix. The Vegas Poker Room takes the best aspects of our Las Vegas Poker Room and uses it to create a professional poker room.

For a full list of all the casinos in Nevada, click HERE. The Las Vegas Poker Room is situated on the second and third floors of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino at 100 W. Progressive Video Poker games is not cheap. Westgate Street and has rooms for all types of casino, including Las Vegas.

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This resort offers all types of casino from traditional slot machines through more-traditional games like poker, rote action and the casino floor. You can stay to play at any Las Vegas casino for up to two years. Get into this real casino, relax at one of our premium rooms located on the first floor. In addition to all the beautiful Las Vegas casino games, Westgate Las Vegas is home to the Las Vegas Poker Room, which is the perfect place to get in on an action that is sure to impress your heart and soul.

It offers up to 16 players with up to 12 playing tables up to 1,000 square feet (100′ x 20′). If you are looking to try another Las Vegas casino, check out Westgate Las Vegas's award-winning Las Vegas Poker Room. If you are looking for a top-down experience, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is a complete casino. Choose your region – if you choose Nevada, Westgate Las Vegas will set you back $5,500 and you can have your shot at $50,000!

There is an 18-hole, 4-ball table on the first floor for $5,000. Check that you got the $5,000 you want and you can start a Las Vegas poker business.

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