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You can find all of the Vegas poker rooms reviewed on The Vegas Poker Room Reviews for 2017. Visit The Vegas Poker Room Reviews for more great Las Vegas poker rooms. Golden Nugget Reviews has also had its own entertainment area. Roc Nation : This was a big surprise at Pinnacle, andwere extremely impressed!

There are two chairs with the same seating. The first is more expensive, and it had a higher quality design. Golden Nugget Las Vegas is more for fans of old-fashioned game, than it is for gamers seeking endless opportunities to wager gold online. The Blackjack Room : This is our second table at Pinnacle, and it has an even better quality and design.

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KOTD : Although the seating is closer to the center, there is a wider table for the 2 or 3-wide tables. One of our two reviewers found this room so much better than the previous room. The Golden Nugget Casino Room is open every day, Monday through Sunday 8 an hour. Vegas Poker: This is my last table in the Bellagio casino when I was there on tour. It was extremely uncomfortable, and we still had two or three full tables left but it would have been far better if we had been able to go to the 1 or 2 deep.

Were all a little disappointed, but the best part is that we actually had to sit down. It isn't as comfortable, butwere happy that our tables made a difference! The first table at this Las Vegas poker room is on the right, with two chairs in the center, at left. Photos of the Las Vegas poker rooms reviewed at the Bellagio Casino for 2017, in which you can see their new seating designs.

We took a shot at this poker room back whenwere visiting Las Vegas for the PGA Championship in January of 2017, and was really impressed with how much they did to clean the room, to provide space for a lot of tables, and to create a lot of a space so tables do not get too hard to stand on. I know for a fact that not one customer mentioned not getting a seat whenwere there! They even created chairs that seat a couple feet closer to one another than normal. This is a great feature, and makes poker tables even more comfortable to sit down in for long periods of time. If you are interested in booking the Las Vegas poker rooms, head over to the website for the PGA Tournament Guidebook.

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The Circus Circus poker room is one of the oldest poker rooms in Las Vegas. Open since 1974, it is located near the entrance of the main casino. This poker room has eight tables with high and low-limit games. It's open 24 hours.

It is also free to access each PGA Tournament page and you can enter your personal ratings to see any of the reviews you might possibly want to review! For an even bigger Las Vegas poker room review, click here and check out the Las Vegas Poker Room Reviews for 2017!

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