The Las Vegas Golden Nugget

The Las Vegas Golden Nugget

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The Las Vegas Resort & Casino may be visited by anyone wishing to take guided tours of the Golden Nugget Las Vegas during the calendar month of July. For more information and reservation information, or to make-your-guest tour suggestions, please email us at xmxva@xmva. com. The Golden Nugget Las Vegas Poker Tournament Schedule Room is located in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, and open every day, 9am to 5pm. The resort encompasses a 1. 5 mile-high 1,700-acre shoreline with 4. 4 million sq. From the entrance to the Grand Concourse, visitors can explore the lush gardens and breathtaking nature of the Las Vegas Golden Nugget – featuring majestic waterfalls, coral reefs, cetaceans and a variety of tropical flora.

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