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Find information on what to see and do around Genting Casino Reading, plus great discounts to see the sights in 2018 on all your holiday visits. Book now at Genting Casino Reading! The Genting Casino Reading Poker Social Network.

Genting Casino Reading will be opening in September

Read about our fantastic hotels, and then discover why Genting Casino Reading is also renowned for its stunning accommodation. Whether you're looking for a family room in a 3 bedroom apartment, a stylish 4 bedroom house that's perfect for entertaining kids, or a comfortable 5 bedroom house with plenty of room for your business or home office all in a stylish and exciting new style then you're in the right place. Genting Casino’s live dealer casino offers players an immersive gaming experience. We offer room for your business or family to enjoy in the most stylish accommodation in Reading for less than you'd normally spend on a stay in a big city hotel.

Genting Casino Reading, at no extra cost, offers the biggest selection of online casino games - including our own "Cafe Slot" game, a family-friendly fun game based on a real Cafe Table.

No booking fee to save! It's fast, easy and we only need you to tell us a bit about yourself so that we can make sure to list you on our website and get you to book. Genting Club Manchester is a large poker room located on the edge of nearby the Paddington train station on the A57. The great thing about Genting Casino Reading hotels is that we know exactly what you're after and can guarantee you just that, in a comfortable and fun atmosphere where you'll enjoy a meal, play a game and grab a quick drink on a sunny day. The following is just some of what's at offer and some of the perks that the fabulous accommodations at the new hotels at Genting Casino Reading offer.

Reading Casino Genting

With its stunning location, the spacious accommodation offers everything you'll need from a comfortable and stylish bed with plenty of natural light, to a stunning view of the city skyline if you're fortunate enough to share accommodation with a friend. Some of the options available include a 2, 4 or 6 bedroom floor plan with a loft or flat, and a wide variety of room styles to cater for any taste. You'll also be happy to know there is a fantastic variety of great restaurants that are all located just around the corner from the Genting Casino location. Casino Southport offers world-class services and a very welcoming atmosphere to cater for your family and friends. From popular Irish eateries in the Reading Quarter to the best sushi restaurants in Newbury, we provide a stunning range of restaurants, and drinks at a great price.

You can even book your dinner and your drinks at the casino itself with a booking. Check out the full menu and prices at the new hotel. Our hospitality team have taken the best of the shopping centres that are within 5 minutes walk to the Genting Casino, and included the finest in food, drink and accommodation. Genting Casino Leith is situated next to the casino that is on the corner of Main Street. See what we mean by the best price in the city – it's a great way to travel to the casino when you've got less for your time and money than usual!

Whether you're looking for a family room or a home away from home, book your accommodation today and have fun planning your next visit to the Genting Casino! It is a great choice for the ultimate celebration, an unforgettable getaway and a unique night out for all. Stoke Casino is a family owned casino in a small village with plenty of history and charm.

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Book now and you'll save over £50 in your first stay at the new hotel. Genting Casino Reading is a new 3 bed luxury hotel built for luxury accommodation that will make your stay feel like a dream. The new hotel on the site of a Victorian Era estate, is the finest accommodation in Reading, it will be a home away from home for you and your significant other!

Genting Casino Reading has accommodation of all shapes and sizes; from a 2 bed family room, up to a 4 room family room, up to a 6 bed 4 bedroom house plus a loft-style flat. All rooms are on the property so be sure to book in advance.

Additional thoughts:

  • The hotel is located in the heart of the Royal Mile and is approximately 18 minutes drive from the Reading Airport; however, some of the locations in the city center are a 1.5 to 3 hour walk or walk to the casino. If you're heading to Reading from home to check out this destination, head to The Royal Mile Casino Bookers and stay the night in one of the rooms overlooking the river as you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast. You'll be pleased to know that the nightlife here ranges from club nights and live music, to evening barbecues and outdoor games. The casino offers an extensive book service with hundreds of titles to choose from.Genting Casino Reading is a wonderful option as an evening out in Reading, and it remains to be seen whether or not it truly will capture the attention of some hoteliers. However, if you're looking for an inexpensive night out, Genting Casino Reading is a great choice for you.
  • Our new and exclusive electric slot facility features a new and exclusive electric slots area that is filled with all of the latest and most popular titles. Genting Casino Reading has established itself as a superb weekend destination for a myriad of reasons. At Genting I think you will come away impressed with our games and have a great time at our games. Our games at Genting Casino Reading come to you in a unique setting.
  • Genting Casino Reading also offers a high quality bar service catering to the diverse group of patrons the casino welcomes every day. At Genting Casino Reading we also offer free Wi-Fi access at the casino. In addition to our wide range of gaming services, Genting Casino Reading also provides a great range of restaurants for the benefit of our valued customers.
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