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In the UK, Grosvenor Casino makes a fantastic choice as you can enjoy this great new game from 2pm to 7am daily. What more can you ask for? The Casinos in Cornwall Resort will be located at the same level as the casino and has a total of 6 different decks in all. Every day, starting at 2pm and running until 7am, Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff offers more than one new game that is currently being offered.

Grosvenor Casino Cardiff is a casino located in Wales which offers a variety of games such as Pool, Gambling, Euro, Craps, Roulette, Footballers, Casino Blitz, Slot Machines, Card/Card Games and Poker.

All of the machines have been upgraded to offer you more and greater gaming power. And with new game additions and improvements, you've got new ways to satisfy your gaming appetite. The Santa Fe Station Hotel is also a great place to relax along with family holidays and other fun time. The Grosvenor Casino also offers gambling tables everyday throughout the course of the year and this year, you can expect more than 60 machines to be running at any given time.

Grosvenor Casino Cardiff Bay

Grosvenor G Casino offers the most exciting variety of gambling on offer. If you want to get in the mood for the new and improved gambling machine and slot machine games, then Grosvenor G Casino is the place to visit. Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff also boasts the only gaming tables in Wales, meaning you can take a seat in one of all gaming machines with the same excitement that all our customers love. The Red Lion Elko NV total casino square footage is 70,000 square feet. With the biggest gaming room capacity in Wales and a huge array of slot, coin toss and roulette games to choose from, you're sure to find something exciting. Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff also offers an unbeatable bonus scheme to its customers.

From £3 of the prize fund awarded to every gambler on the Grosvenor G Casino live network, you can bet with any electronic game that you like on the live network and enjoy the bonus from the time you place the bet until the time of cancellation. You will also receive free calls, text messages and data for the duration of this deal. Grosvenor Casino Bournemouth has been known for its lively food scene and great service in every day life. Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff also offers a discount of up to £10 off each order when you apply a promo code at the top of this page, providing bonus points that you may claim back with any online payment. Our customers have been using Grosvenor G Casino for more than 13 years and we continue to offer the finest in gaming facilities in Cardiff City.

The Grosvenor Casino Cardiff offers a comprehensive range of gaming options, from slots to full table poker, all of which have been specifically prepared to suit you and your family for a relaxing gaming experience.

We want to make sure you have a fabulous time with us at Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff. If you'd prefer to book at our Cardiff Casino, you can find our current booking dates here. Online bookings will be handled by PokerStars or PokerStars UK, we prefer that you book online directly with us, if you would prefer to book online directly, we suggest that you use the booking form we have on this page or our customer service team with the booking form below. Park Tower Casino is well-known for its rich menu of cocktails and specialty wines offered over ice. Have questions about Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff? Please feel free to contact our friendly customer service on or email us.

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Please allow up to 10 working days from the day you wish to book.

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  • Groxvenor Casino Cardiff is a 24-hour venue which is conveniently located at the Red Dragon Centre, just a short drive from the CIty Centre. A good way to make your day when your gaming party begins in Cardiff will be to look for a Groxvenor Casino in the area. Groxvenor Casino Cardiff is a good starting point to any online casino tour.

    What are your thoughts for Cardiff Comic Con 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

  • The site contains 3 casino machines, a bar, lounge area, food and drink, the first indoor betting area in Wales, a large casino table and full sized games table where you can get the cash and chips all in one place. The Grosvenor Casino is a great option to play the best games in Cardiff, a must to book this casino in Cardiff. Book your Grosvenor card online today & pick up your Grosvenor card from a dedicated Grosvenor casino manager before anyone! All slots and machines can only be used within 1 mile of Cardiff Grosvenor.

    All other Grosvenor locations are only available within 1 mile of Cardiff Grosvenor.

  • There is a full casino, a pool/bar on site, 24/7 on-site entertainment including live and premium cable radio, and complimentary entertainment from DJ The Razzle Dazzle and DJ Cale. For VIP access only come for one night only! Grosvenor Casino Cardiff is also a perfect alternative to attending a regular sporting venue.

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We Bet you'll love it!

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