Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino

Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino

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Each room features 4 bedrooms with additional twin bed rooms for guests visiting from the Las Vegas area. Guests can stay in the Deluxe Suite where they can rest and relax under the stars on the outdoor terrace. Guests can use the free WiFi in the lounge area during play, where you can view the world through the windows in the lounge area. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas also offers two pool options. The main floor of the Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino offers 2,000 square feet of restaurant space, as well as the lounge and hotel areas.

Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino Poker Room Las Vegas

Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino Poker Room Las Vegas

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The casino has 5 restaurants serving lunch every week, including 3 local restaurants located in the lobby. One of them is the Tasty Burger & Grille located in the front of the building. The BellagioHotel and Casino is located at 2330 East 2nd Street in the Wynn Las Vegas area. Other dining options are found between the 4 indoor terraces.

Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino is open daily

A wide variety of alcoholic beverages are available in a number of vending machines. One of the main functions of the Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino is the entertainment. The two adult-only sports arenas offer numerous indoor and outdoor sporting arenas for adults to enjoy all kinds of sports on demand. Genting Resorts World Las Vegas is located on the North strip of Vegas in the Venetian. There are hundreds of other games and tournaments on play and in.

Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino

Other fun activities have also been installed in the Casino. Playground in front of the Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino features an enclosed walking track that is completely wheelchair accessible. Bally's Las Vegas is listed as having 3-star reviews.

The main entertainment area for the Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino is the Hall of Fame. The entire hall is a full size stage that has more than 70 high definition slides for the kids to play on. The Treasure Island Sportsbook is only open through weekdays at the hotel. A large fountain is located at the end of the hall to make sure all the kids stay hydrated and safe while watching a film at any point during the day.

The Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino has 8 indoor shopping centers that cater in a variety of items for every occasion. There is a grocery store, carousel, beauty salon, convenience store, jewelry store and numerous other small businesses in the shopping centers. These stores feature over 10,000 items for purchase within the shopping centers.

Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino's in-room pool also offers amenities not found on other pools: the resort's own gym and a swimming pool with heated swimming pools.

The shopping centers offer a variety of entertainment for all ages along with the popular Las Vegas nightlife scene to further showcase the Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino.

Additional points:

  • We had a nice, warm meal with the children and their families that was well made and we took advantage of our time with our loved ones over dinner. Our room had some great views of the Las Vegas desert and the parking lot. The Kids Quest Child Care Center at Santa Fe Station Hotel Casino has a clean and cozy living room with an open kitchen that is surrounded by outdoor furniture and a large outdoor patio.Kids in Santa Fe Station Casino.
  • Come out for games that range from traditional to modern, fromtraditional to modern. Take advantage of a large selection of the unique and award-winning casino tables. The Casino at Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino is conveniently located on West Santa Fe Boulevard at 2121 North, the second & busiest intersection of the Strip.Visit the Casino at Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino and get connected to the most exciting games happening every day in Las Vegas, Nevada!
  • The Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino also features a top-notch fitness center that provides daily exercise. With an emphasis on social activities, fitness equipment and wellness, you can easily find the perfect venue to meet your fellow gamers, gamers of all ages and players of all skill levels. Ticket Prices For All Events: $5-$100. General Admission: $45-$300.The Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino also offers a wide selection of the most popular table games, slot and video poker machines.
  • The casino also features a full-service bar and restaurant complete with dining rooms, seating and a large meeting room that will meet the needs of your group. The hotel is also home to The Hotel Room, a full service hotel that is an incredible place for groups to rent office space and socialize, featuring private meeting rooms.Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino offers three separate meeting rooms, including the new, spacious 5 bedroom suite that is a perfect blend of luxury and convenience. The Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino is located just minutes from the main casinos of Atlantic City, Atlantic City Atlantic, Mirage and the MGM Grand.
  • The rooms have room for 5,000 guests, the best amenities, and are conveniently located at a short walk from the beautiful Las Vegas Strip. The Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino is located on the second level of the Hotel Casa Monte Carlo Hotel. There are 11,000 square feet of rooms with an incredible view of the city. The top floor of this lobby features 1,000 seats in the 8,750 seat Painted Desert Golf Club Hotel lobby, which offers incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding Las Vegas area.I canthank the resort enough for hosting us at so many great occasions and events.
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