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Payout Percentages

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While playing each of the progressive slots on their slot machines, you will end up with some sort of money and, when you have reached your money cap, you will receive a call-back, which will award you a full $20, but if you missed out, you will have to pay the rest or spend half that amount to reach the money cap again. Not a bad way to spend time if you can pay it, but if not then the money you are awarded will be significantly less than what you are entitled to. Dragon Chase mobile was developed so that you don´t have to worry about installing and using your favorite mobile apps! So that's Playtech's payout percentages, what about what are some other titles which come with an extra payout percentage in the slot machines? 1- ZombiKid's payout percentages vary greatly between games.

The Payout percentages here are quite high, with the most recently release Rainbow Riches 9 being the highest paying among the four games to date.

The more popular of the games, we can definitely say that Zombi Kid has some of the best payout percentages within the line up. Their payout percentages tend to range from 98% to 98. 7, but each game also have their own payout percentages. This is something that has become fairly familiar recently as the payout percentages on SlotGator have increased every year, ranging from 98% to 100%. Zombikick - Zombikick doesn't have an extreme payout percentage, they have something called a 'Fingerback payout, where they have some of their game 'bags' which feature a payout which ranges from 96. 3% to 98. Paddy Power Gold is available for Free on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. 3% depending on the game.

Even though Zombikaill have a more extreme payout percentage than most, we do feel that they do a better job at providing a realistic chance of earning money with their game, allowing for some much deserved bonus games. This is also a rare game which has a high payout percentage. King Kong Cash Slot with 3x more coins and 1x more coin slots and a 100% guaranteed real money prize pool! Their payout percentage ranges from 95%-98, but their main game will have the most realistic and accurate payout, which allows them to be extremely interesting games for players. These aren't the only games that come with a different payout percentage though, which is definitely welcome as many other games do feature payout percentages based on games and tournaments.

Poker - Poker's payout percentage ranges from 90% to 95% depending on the table and tournament, although some games feature more payout percentages based on tournaments where the payout is higher at a higher table. Zombie Dice - This is a slightly odd one, since they make no real claims of having a '100% payout' but rather an extremely low payout percentage of 100%. The Wish upon a Leprechaun slot game is available to pre-order as part of the Blueprint Gaming game bundle right here.

Zombie Dice 2 - This is a poker gaming themed game which features something referred to as a 'Payday 2 payout' which is a payout percentage of 10% in cases where the player takes too long before reaching the top. The game also has an 'extra bonus' of 3 games that are only available if the player finishes higher, this can be a bit of a cheat, though in fairness it definitely isnthat bad as the 'extra bonus' are really not too often played at those tables. King Kong has been given the nostalgic feeling ofapes movie and we know that’s a hallmark package for Blueprint Gaming. Bingo - Bingo's payout percentages are quite similar to Poker in that they are all based on games where the player has to have a winning record by the time they reach the top of the rankings. In terms of payout percentages, we would love to see an overall average payout at the top of all tables but it would have to be somewhere in the 90-100% range.

This is the game which gives us the least payout percentages out in the line up. In terms of payout percentages you can't really beat this game with an average payout of 99.99%.

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