Norwegian Jewel Alaska

Norwegian Jewel Alaska

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The Norwegian Jewel boasts a beautiful and stunning ship that is located 5-hour boat departure from Port Canaveral, Florida, USA. The cruise ship offers 2,000 square feet. The Norwegian Jewel in Port Canaveral is a beautiful wooden floating wharf ship with a spectacular view of the ocean. The Jewel of the Seas was built between 1895 through 1914 at the shipyard of Karlsruhe, Bavaria. The Norwegian Jewel is equipped with 8 cabins and 7 sleeping cabins with private living and dining areas and 2 suites on the 8th and 8th class cabins.

Norwegian Jewel is a popular, award winning cruise ship in Norway

The Norwegian Jewel is equipped with an Olympic class double bed, a 12 hour double bed, A/C, refrigerator/freezer and microwave. One night suite for guests with children is also available. It is equipped with an Olympic Class galley, a 6 night private cabin and 3 night private cabin. The Star Princess crew can also take guests out to dinner for two, or take them on a night cruise. A luxury ocean cruise offers an adventure for the heart.

Norwegian Jewel Alaska

From port to port, the Norwegian Jewel offers an exhilarating thrill and the thrill of a lifetime. The Norwegian Jewel is the perfect choice for any of your cruise plans. Jewel of the Seas operates every hour between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Enjoy this cruise with friends! From the moment you book your Norwegian Jewel you get 1,000 miles to the cruise site, for free. Carnival Cruise Line members can play as many casinos as they want and it is very easy to choose any one or few. All you need to do is call 1-800-859-0777 (in the US) or 1-877-946-5275 (international) and we will send you an automatic email with shipping confirmation. You will also be provided with the ship registration code and your Norwegian Jewel's passport to keep track of your progress on the ship.

The Norwegian Jewel is situated 3.7 hours from Los Angeles

For more information regarding your Norwegian Jewel, please click here. Please note that our exclusive Norwegian Jewel promotional deal is also valid on the cruise. Oceanic Cruises is one of the biggest cruise lines at cruise ship destination port. The Norwegian and Oceanic companies have always been focused on the safety of its passengers worldwide.

Norwegian Jewel: Alaskan Cruise

Norwegian Jewel: Alaskan Cruise

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Norwegian Cruises has never been accused of any safety breach or accident. The Norwegian Cruise Line is committed to ensuring the security of every passenger onboard.

Additional information:

  • In short, the Norwegian Jewel gives you an unforgettable experience of cruising along the sea's most majestic seafloor, with no stopping points that would make you feel welcome. The Norwegian Jewel is designed to meet the needs of cruise seekers seeking a safe, enjoyable cruise experience. With the best and easiest accommodations, Norwegian Jewel offers on-board activities, an ocean-based cruise itinerary and up-to-date weather information.The Norwegian Jewel's reservations are a perfect fit for those who have the most time and want to explore the seas of Alaska. If you need to make the trip to New York, the Norwegian Jewel offers on-board activities at a time-restricted price!
  • Enjoy all Norwegian Jewel features including a full day of Norwegian hospitality as well as local art tours, food and dining restaurants as well as outdoor activities, boat shows and more. Travel with Norwegian Jewel from Houston Texas for 14 days this summer! Book the Scandinavian Cruise Line on the Norwegian Cruise Line's website. Book Norwegian Jewels packages on Norwegian Jewels packages at
  • When you get to the cruise ship, there are so many small rooms and suites that it takes you in close to 60 feet of water. For more about the cruise ship on Norwegian Jewel click here.This is where you get to see the latest arrivals along with the wonderful views from the harbor and sea to the resort.
  • Norway Jewel offers full service cruise ship catering. Nordic Jewel is also one of the top shopping destinations in Norway and also the biggest brand on the planet. For the latest news on Norwegian Jewel and her many stores, go to their Website and browse their Website.
  • If you're looking to entertain a family or group of friends, or to add some entertainment to your day, then book on Norwegian Jewel. If you're looking for an unforgettable cruise experience, then book Norwegian Jewel Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines.
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