Wolf Run Golf Club

Wolf Run Golf Club

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The course is open to the public and offers numerous green and yellow golf courses. As well as providing the perfect golf experience for many individuals, our facility is used by our members to meet other local residents and local businesses to get on the golfing scene, and help bring them on in golf season. Eldorado Resort Casino is owned and operated by a family firm of Clark County, Nevada businessmen: Steve and Susan Burchill. Wolf Run Golf Club is a private, no franchised golf venue for sale. All of the properties are owned and operated by our registered members, and are completely free to use for commercial use, no tax. The owners have no obligation to allow a license holder to access, use or operate from their premises.

Wolf Run Golf Club at Mountain Resorts is a 17 hole course

The owners are responsible for all other aspects of purchasing and maintaining Wolf Run Golf Club properties. There will be no taxes to pay for registration fees, registration fees to manage and manage any operations and property purchases or other financial obligations. Wolf Run Online is the third live game-related event that came along with Wolf Run Online. Wolf Run Golf Club properties are fully insured in accordance with local regulations and are available for purchase. A comprehensive, long-term, and cost-effective system of business and customer service that includes business support, security and liability protection services with more than 20 years of experience in the business of business and customer service with the help of Wolf Run Golf Lodge, the Wolf Run Golf Club's partner in the Wolf Run Golf Club, and has long experience in hosting club golf events.

Wolf Run Golf Club at Fieldcreek Ranch has no sandbags

A state-of-the-art golf club, with all the amenities and amenities you need to be confident in your skills and abilities, Wolf Run Golf Club boasts a variety of golf clubs and offers a wide range of courses and programs for members of all levels of golf. We proudly have a very open-top facility. Horseshu Hotels & Casino has more than 130,000 guests daily, and is one of the largest hotels and casinos in Nevada and the world. Golf is a fun sport, and we are passionate about it! When we have a golf game to match, or enjoy it to your heart's content, our focus will be the game's best-selling, world-class product, the first golf course in Nevada, and the first course in Reno, Nevada to provide you with the best course for golf games.

Wolf Run Golf Club is in the middle of the desert

Wolf Run Golf Club is open to all members and is a perfect fit for you. You won't find a better golf club on Nevada land.

Additional thoughts:

  • Wolf Run has been a favorite course for years thanks to its many challenges and high quality of life aspects. The course is surrounded by acres of green and offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy and hone golf shots in all conditions. The Wolf Run Golf Club offers a casual environment that is as relaxing as it is challenging and offers many opportunities for golf tournaments such as, and round of golf at the course. Golfers can expect great play from great golfers, and an excellent day at a place like Wolf Run is more than worth the pay-off.

    At Wolf Run Golf Club this means a great day and a great time for golfers of all levels, from first time pros to current members.

  • The golf course is situated on the beautiful South Reno River Valley, and lies near downtown Reno and surrounding neighborhoods. With spectacular views of the downtown skyline and downtown Las Vegas, and the famous and colorful Reno skyline, the Wolf Run course is a must-see for Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. The Wolf Run golf course is located at 3200 S. University Ave.

  • 17 and is the 2nd longest course in the USA in length in 2012. A popular venue for international tournaments, the Wolf Run course features the largest fairways in all of the golfing majors outside of major tournaments like the U.S Open, Masters and Masters Championship events. An even more challenging golf course, but with a good variety of golf features and options to challenge your golf skills throughout the day. For use as private property or as part of a development in any county where golf is played on private land, please purchase the property owner's legal right to use the course or development.

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