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While Moon Warriors does not offer a fantasy theme, it does feature a theme of fairies as your primary character, which you’ll interact with throughout the game like moon warriors. The moon warriors have 3 roles; to help you to make it through the game, to provide guidance during your gameplay and to keep you grounded during your game. Panther Moon Slots is a bit more advanced than Jungle Fever. The story for Moon Warriors takes place in the magical land of Faerûn, where the three main characters, Thor, Jormungand and Skadi live on.

Moon Warriors Slot

There are also many other minor characters, like a mysterious and benevolent spirit known as the moon warrior and a certain one named the kobold, that reside in the land as well. When a mysterious, female spirit appears during the game, asking her to be your companion, you are then given the choice of agreeing or refusing. Wonder Woman gets into a fight with the villain, Ares, who kills her. When you do not choose, you are instantly killed off.

Moon Warriors is similar to the popular roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons and roleplaying games like Vampire: The Masquerade, which offer up their primary characters with personality traits you can interact with in your gameplay. However, this isn't so common in slot machines and the game features a unique character trait called 'Maidenhood, which gives your character a personality trait and a special ability. The Vampire Princess of Darkness has been updated and re-implemented. Moon Warriors is an all in-one, puzzle solving, fantasy themed slot machine that offers a great deal of strategic depth and an easy to understand storyline.


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