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There is a charge of $12 per night per vehicle. A full charge of $80 per night per vehicle includes all park fees, if any. Las Vegas Shows featured below are primarily for little kids, but those who are kids at heart would love them too. Park MGM Las Vegas has two entrances and each entrance offers two cars per lot, so you can park your vehicle anywhere in the complex and enjoy the entire resort. Park MGM Las Vegas parking spaces are located in an 8-acre lot directly adjacent to a Main Street Casino (Las Vegas Strip) entrance with a dedicated lane at the center of the lot, so you can access your vehicle from your vehicle entrance.

Park MGM Las Vegas offers a great selection of parking to those in need with an account with Platinum membership and an up to 20 hours of driving or rental service.

This will get your vehicle into the lot without having to drive back to the street. All vehicles will be parked in a 2-hour time frame at the same time and in the same location. The MGM Resorts Hotel Las Vegas and the MGM Resorts Atlantic City, and the Hilton Hotel Las Vegas. Each parking space is a 30 minute drive from MGM Grand as well as from the Las Vegas Strip, which can make you wonder "when will my car arrive home" with so many parking garages at this drive. Park MGM Las Vegas is a state of the art multi-use destination, offering amenities like lounges, lounges at your discretion, restaurants, movies, theme parks, gaming and entertainment, resort hospitality, and more.

Park MGM Las Vegas has over 90 parking spaces

The resort has an onsite golf course that provides an opportunity to practice on the course for a total of 16 holes. The resort is equipped to host weddings within the resort such as for wedding parties, corporate events and birthday parties. Park MGM Las Vegas Pool's design and interior decorators are the same people who created The Rockwell Steakhouse for the hotel, Zullo said. The resort has numerous entertainment options at the resort.

Park MGM Las Vegas has the Las Vegas Convention Center and the largest and worst entertainment venues in entertainment, all within walking distance. Park MGM Las Vegas also has its own golf course and various other amenities and activities. Most recently, Las Vegas Sun reported they will be hosting outdoor concerts held every Sunday for 10 weeks leading up and through the opening of the resort. The concerts will be free, as well.

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All activities at MGM Grand, including the main entrance plaza, are free or significantly cheaper with the exception of the outdoor concerts, which the general public is charged in advance. Rates vary for each car on park. Parkings and lots are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In order to get on the waiting list to reserve your spot you need to create a reservation by paying a $100 deposit. Once you have saved your $100, your space will be allocated for you, no matter what number of spaces you choose to reserve when you check in to Park MGM. All vehicles must have registered with the Nevada Highway Patrol in order to park and ride around Park MGM Las Vegas, which means, all vehicles with no registration must have a valid driver's license or State of Nevada issued ID card.


For all other guests in the guest lot area you'll need to purchase parking at a rate of $5 per hour when you purchase your parking card at M Life Member Services. Parking at Park MGM Las Vegas is available during normal business hours, 7am to 5pm. In addition, parking is available for the following non-peak period days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am to 5pm; Friday and Saturday from 8am to 4pm; and Saturday, Sunday from 8am to 4pm. If you are wanting to visit MGM Grand Garden Arena, M Life members must park at Park MGM Grand Garden Arena. Non-M life members can also park on the east side of the MGM Grand.
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