The Responsible Gambling Trust

The Responsible Gambling Trust

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In the first ever report looking at current evidence using UK-wide surveys and computer modelling based on a national sample of 500+ residents of 13 selected gambling hotspots, the Responsible Gambling Trust has found that there is a significant association between playing in the computer lottery games and an overall increase in playing time and the rate of risk exposure in both young kids and adults. Children who played in electronic lottery games are about seven times more likely to be involved in the commission of two incidents of risky behaviour, and 20 times more likely to use gaming related words, terms or images. Michigan has one of the most robust state laws against online gaming. These factors have been linked to a significant rise in problematic play including playing games in a gambling or risk-taking place, spending excessive time using video poker computers and spending excessive time using social media and e-cheats (including social media sharing and mobile games) in order to make more money.

Responsible Gambling Trust's aim is to reduce the risk of problem gambling and encourage those who want to bet responsibly and are willing to make a conscious decision not to gamble to play and enjoy games as they please.

The Responsible Gambling Trust is part of a joint UK-Australian initiative of the Australian Government's Australian Institutes of Government, which includes the Institute of Public Affairs, The Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Health as part of a partnership to develop a new national approach to gambling policy, to target the development of better education and awareness about the effects of gambling on the development of healthy individuals and societies. The Responsible Gambling Trust is proud to partner with the University of Birmingham, University College London and University of Otago on a series of research funded research projects relating to the development of better understanding of online games, how they are affected by social factors such as advertising, social media use and the way we play them. Blackjack Split Chart 2 is available now in PDF and as a full-sized print-on-demand. The aim is to better understand the types of risks people take by playing online.

The Responsible Gambling Trust

The Responsible Gambling Trust has taken up the lead role of delivering the first ever UK-wide randomised controlled trial of the use of lottery or computer play devices in the UK. The trial will provide information on the effectiveness of the lottery or computer play devices as a means of reducing gambling risk. The United States is the 1 country in North America where the largest number of companies with casinos will be located. This important evidence-based initiative will help inform decisions on whether or not to promote lottery or computer play machines or to introduce new models and designs of gambling machines.

The trial is planned to run over three years, following which the UK Government will review and inform legislation and develop a comprehensive review of all available evidence of the impact of online gambling and online gaming on individual and society. When it comes to gaming, children need to be able to play with toys, books, films and music. Red Tiger was one of the leading online casinos at the time and the result shows. The Responsible Gambling Trust is proud to bring together gaming companies and schools to support young children while improving their social and intellectual development as they develop their game skills.

The Responsible Gambling Trust is a charity with dedicated donors providing over £2m in funding and a comprehensive set of research services to support its research and services.

With over 15,000 games, gamespots and slots around the UK, NatCen works with many of Britain's largest lottery and other games players across over 200,000 games, game outlets, slots and gamespot sites to provide them knowledge, information and tools. As one of the UK's leading licensed operators and a leading supplier of online gaming equipment, Netguru is proud to support a range of voluntary charities to deliver a range of vital functions including education, awareness and promotion of the internet in the UK (including gambling). Daub Alderney on Bank Statement Online comes with a free online "Play" card to match a player with King Jackpot online account. Since 1995 the Responsible Gambling Trust has provided independent research (mostly computer modelling) and research consultancy services to the UK's Game-related Agencies.

Additional thoughts:

  • The Responsible Gambling Trust is dedicated to preventing harm to people who enjoy gambling such as drug and alcohol misuse, problem gambling, health problems and financial problems, and supports all those affected by problems associated with them. It can also be registered as a trade mark (C175800). The Responsible Gambling Trust will be administered as a charity by the Charity Commission (no 513101)(No 923100) under its charitable administration (No 131171). This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional.

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  • In addition to supporting and enhancing current research programs, the Responsible Gambling Trust is responsible for research and reporting on the state of gambling-related harm in Britain and developing a public policy to ensure this problem is addressed in a more effective manner. We also work with a number of other UK national charities and organisations to achieve a greater understanding of gambling-related harm and its effects on young people. Research will be conducted in support of developing a national Responsible Gambling Trust strategic partnership. We are seeking public input around our key priorities to help make this public consultation.

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