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Best Volatility Slots

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With high volatility, players must risk high amounts of money to win a game at some point, but also at lower levels of risk to be able to consistently win with a large number of games. The lowest variance slots can be quite popular among the lowest volatility players (although some low volatility players claim that all players enjoy them) and often serve to showcase the best low volatility players out there. Cleopatra Casino is a free gaming service for the players.

Low volatility slots are high risk, high reward slots

When it comes to low volatility slots, low volatility is not necessarily synonymous with low volatility of skill in any means. Rather, low volatility is the difference between the risk of losing games (in a variety of ways) and the risk of making huge profits. Low volatility slots tend to have very low payout percentages, making them a great investment for the player with little or no risk. The Vikings Winter slot machine comes from Booongo Games. It's one of the reasons that players with high variance prefer low volatility slots. Low volatility slots are great for low volatility players because they keep them in the game and their payout is still pretty decent.

Low volatility slots are generally also more expensive

The best of the low volatility slots is the low volatility 1 payline, 25 paylines 1% (i. 25 payslines 1% and 1 gets you a payline with 25 points). The Odd Forest Slot offers numerous chances to win free spins and cash prizes with an attractive set of bonus features. In fact that's the reason why a number of low variance players prefer low volatility slots because that payline has a fairly low payout. While the above list (with some exceptions) does not even come close to the entire range of paylines available, the reason is that the average payout for non-zero paylines is also quite low which makes these paylines an excellent pick for low volatility players.

The high volatility slots are those with the highest risk because they are at least somewhat unpredictable in which direction they play, thus, their likelihood of winning increases each time they play.

The low volatility 2 paylines, 25 paylines 7% are the other popular style of slot. It is often the preferred style for most low volatility players and is well worth spending money on. Princess of Paradise features 5-6 pay lines. The low volatility 3 paylines (75, 100) are the third style of low volatility, being quite popular in the European and Australian online games.

The reason for this popularity is that it is a good, low payout alternative to the two previous styles. These are all the best low volatility paylines I have seen. Razor Shark Push Gaming plays quite aggressively and if you get ahead, great, keep going, hold up! The best of the low volatility 3 spots are 75,100 and 150 paylines. The best of the low volatility 8 paylines are 100,125.

The most popular low volatility 8 payline is 200 paylines. Low volatility 12 paylines (100,125, 150) are also one of the more popular styles of low volatility. It is often considered the "best" option when it comes to paying out. Lastly a number of slots include both a 4 and 5 paylink to the game.

This gives a great mix of different paylines for different players. Some of the lowest volatility paylines are 4 paylinks, 5 paylinks and 100 paylines. The best of the low volatility 12 paylines is a 5 paylink and the worst of the low volatility 20 paylines is 20 paylinks. Low volatility slots may be a popular style of slot because of the high payout percentages and low levels of probability that players have to accept in order to win a game.

However there also seems to be a very low amount of profit margin on low volatility slots. Low volatility is definitely a good way to reduce your risk.

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