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What makes Ainsworth so popular amongst online casinos is his addictive and innovative online gaming method. Ainsworth's Rich n Wild slot machines run for a minimum of 30 minutes or until you have lost all your chips in the slot itself. Tropical Adventure will be released in the UK on the 31st of April 2015. This means that this is one of few interactive slot machines in our industry where time is of the essence. As such Ainsworth's Rich n Wild slots are extremely addictive and can last for hours, even weeks!

Rich n Wild is the ideal time slot for a gambling addiction

Rich n Wild is the first and only interactive jackpot slot machine in the world to allow players to gamble using real money. As such Rich n Wild is very much like a cash game rather than a jackpot machine; it rewards you for playing the slot, whereas the conventional jackpot game does not reward you for making a bet at all. Jungle Monkeys is a solid slot game that requires a solid head for some beginner players. However, Rich n Wild offers the option of betting real money directly into the slot itself - all in an attempt to encourage gambling. All users in Rich n Wild can also play with other users in the slot in order to share the jackpot with your friends to create more winning opportunities.

How can you become rich, get rich and win jackpots in Rich n Wild? We've broken it into 8 easy steps that should make Rich n Wild gaming the right choice for anyone who has any interest in online jackpots. What you bet at Ainsworth can mean different things to different people. Mayan Gold is a free and open source game which was designed by Ainsworth developers, according to the Ancient Mayans. It could be: £5; £10; £100; or £1,000.

Will you bet £100 on a slot machine at £5? If not, then you have no jackpot. Timber Wolf offers players plenty of chances to win per spin due to the return-to-player percentage of over 96.65% at micro spins. Will you bet £100 for £1,000?

Rich n Wild also offers you no control over the game

If so, you have £100 in your pocket. How about £25 for one slot machine? If so, you have £25 in your pocket. The Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Jungle can be played with friends. Can you afford such risk?

Rich n Wild features in-depth play-testing and development tools that will give players ways to make their own game and create customised features and features to match.

Rich n Wild players can gamble for jackpots and the jackpot money on offer in Rich n Wild isn't always the same. Some jackpots don't run as high as others and therefore can be risky to bet. How much can you bet?

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If we've ever been the target of a jackpot in Rich n Wild, then you should bet at least £25 that you win. Jackpot timings are key to enjoying Rich n Wild. There are several ways in which jackpots can be rolled, for example by using more money in your pocket.

Rich n Wild is also available for mobile devices

The bigger the jackpot is, the sooner you can withdraw from the jackpot. For bigger jackpots roll up to 4 times to increase the odds of winning. Rich n Wolf jackpot is one of the oldest on Rich n Wild and offers the ideal combination of money, jackpot cash, high jackpot risk and risk of being overdrawn.

You're better off keeping your jackpot safe, and using a low jackpot for one slot machine when you're using Rich n Wild. We have slots from different casino providers across the country in order to help you make informed decisions on what it's worth to you. To determine how well or badly to bet on a slot jackpot check out the options on the menu, along with what the game looks like and our video guides, Rich n Wild video slots and Rich n Wild slots.

Rich n Wild includes players who have joined up at the same time as their friends, and these rules are to be observed, and are also in turn considered by the players.

While some players prefer to gamble with cash, there are plenty of slots on Rich n Wild that are perfect for slotting.

Summary of article:

  • Featuring realistic gaming and a unique theme. Get all of your Rich n Wild gaming needs from one convenient site, with instant online payouts and unbeatable bonuses. There is also a Rich n Wild mobile app for iPhoneandroid, plus the online slot machine as well as the slot machines and games on the slot machines page.

    This link will take you to the Android version of the app!

  • Ainsworth has become a huge part of Las Vegas entertainment since the first game featured. We are extremely proud of what Rich n Wild has done to become one of our favorite slot-based video games. With over 8,000 unique play sessions and an incredibly unique collection of play scenarios, you now are prepared to be mesmerized by the rich and varied creative possibilities of Rich n Wild, the most popular slot video game available in the nation.

  • There's a selection of over 5,500 different cards from across Rich n Wild's catalogue, with the aim of giving players the chance to experience the wilds with as much wildness as possible. Play Rich n Wild every weekend or month at no additional cost. In addition to earning over £500, players can also visit a Rich n Wild Casino, where they can play online games including video slots, mini games and real wagering. Rich n Wild's Ainsworth is part of the brand's Wild West adventure, in which visitors pay to have a horse and a buffalo stampeded from the world famous game to the bank at the end of the evening, accompanied by the Wild West theme music.

  • If you love Ainsworth's iconic casino games, look no further! Check out the Rich n Wild features to see this innovative slot online for your very own.

  • Rich n Wild offers 20 unique titles like the £100-dice Power Play, the £50-dice Ponzi and the £10-dice Toss Up. You'll also find new, exclusive titles as you play across the different paylines. Rich n Wild is available from the 28th April 2017 and can be seen online through Rich. wild.net or by scanning the QR code at the top of the page.

The fun never stops when you’re playing slots
The fun never stops when you’re playing slots

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