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The minimum payout (of 10,000 coins) is $95,000. The maximum possible bonus (of $225,000) is equal to 6 times the jackpot value of 10,000 coins. The Diamond Deluxe Slot Machine game can be played for as little as 10-15 minutes. Players can also earn the Super Diamond Mine Bonus round 1,000 coins.

Winning this bonus round doubles the jackpot payout for the next four jackpot rounds. Winning the 10,000 coins Super Diamond Mine jackpot will give players the "Super Diamond Mine 2" Bonus round. Diamond Mine Megaways™ was one of the most outstanding slots released by Blueprint Gaming.

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Winning the 10,000 coins Bonus round will increase the jackpot payout by a factor of 5,000, making it even sweeter to win. If you play all the bonus rounds, have the highest jackpot in the Super Diamond Mine jackpot and win all the bonus rounds, you will win $250,000. If you are the third player in the world to win the Super Diamond Mine, you would receive $400,000. This is calculated for all players. The Diamond Deluxe Slot Machine unlocks at different levels depending on your current progress. Remember that the higher the jackpot with all players on it, the bigger the prize.

Super Diamond £500 Jackpot Slot Machine with Some Big

Super Diamond £500 Jackpot Slot Machine with Some Big

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Each Super Diamond Mine play will be worth a maximum amount, according to the jackpot value of the Super Jackpot. To win a Super Diamond Mine jackpot, players will have to play thejackpots at least 3 times (minimum of 10 times, meaning they will need to play three separate jackpots (including a bonus Super Diamond Mine if possible). Temple of Tut Slot Machine is a game that represents Ancient Aztec, which has been dedicated to the thousands. You will need to win more than the jackpot value 3 times (of 10,000 coins) in order to win a Super Diamond Mine jackpot.

Each jackpot will be worth 4,950,000 coins. The Super Diamond Mine jackpot will be raised as the Super Jackpot gets higher for the second game of the day. Super Diamond Mine Slots – Games by me and many others that give the best in games for a great prize. The jackpot is the first jackpot on the game's first or second turn of play.

The Super Jackpot increases as play passes its highest number of play periods, meaning a player cannot win a Super Jackpot if they are playing their highest game of Jackpot 5, which is a game at a jackpot value of $50,000 every three days. If the winning Super Jackpot is $50,000, the Super Jackpot is not raised until the Super Jackpot is at least two times the previous jackpot.

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If players win the most payout, their opponent is eliminated as is. Once the Super Diamond Mine jackpot has reached 30,000 waggons, the winner of both rounds will advance for the next round. The Super Diamond Mine Jackpot can be opened at any time by any user at the official Super Diamond Mine Ticket website. Please report any issues regarding this jackpot to Super Diamond Mine Tickets are available for purchase on all of the Super Diamond Mine Online Games.

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Committed to providing quality games, top offers

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