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Super Diamond's aim is to make you laugh and get really excited. Super Diamond's features include multiple cards, a custom game board, and a custom casino card that you can draw or play as you want. It even offers a mini Casino card which lets you win real money. The Super Diamond Deluxe slot unlocks at different levels depending on your current progress. All players are expected to draw some cards and to pay the other players' money.

The system also works very well if you have a bad luck or no luck whatsoever. The first option is the classic 'Buy ' button. This gives you a bonus card if the last player wins. Super Diamond Mine is set on six acres of highlands in north-west South Africa where you can play for free until 15th October 2018. The next option is to hold down a space and the number is set from one to 10 on the table.

Super Diamond Mine is on RTG's website with a free 2-day trial

This will take you to one of the three slots. The remaining option is to choose if you want to continue play. Super Diamond Deluxe is a progressive slot game with 3 reels and 5 paylines. If you are playing for only 1 point, the slot is closed. If you want to continue to play, you have to hit 'Play again' again to continue.

More information can be found on these pages:

If you are playing for only 2 points, all the slots are open. At this point you really could go with all three options. A lot of people have told us that their friends got into this after playing Super Diamond Mine, so we're going to give you the full rules here.

Diamond Mine Slot - Colossal Win!

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Each of the four slots can also be played in any of the available areas. You'll be able to get a nice, relaxing casino card. Super Diamond Mine is quite an easy one to play for free. Just hold down the space and pick up the player's card and give it to them.

Play Super Diamond Mine Online

Once the slot is full, it automatically has the game's first card. At each player's first free slot, the game is saved and you can play again in the other slots. Finally, the last option is to take the cards you saved and spend them on something else. So how do it work?

A lot of people say that the way that you play Super Diamond Mine is simple: you buy the game again and again with your card. It's no different than what you bought Super Diamond Mine a while ago. It only takes one free slot to play Super Diamond Mine. But you have a few key choices for it.

The Super Diamond Mine is the most unique, and also probably the only, games where you can actually play on a payline if you're on pay.

You can spend your Card to earn one point or two points. You can earn points by playing Super Diamond Mine or by collecting Super Diamond Mine cards. You can win Super Diamond Mine points by just playing the game or at most doing 2.5 free points. Or you can play Super Diamond Mine through your local casinos for only one card each.

Of course, Super Diamond Mine is completely free so make sure you buy the best cards for the game on the internet. And then let me put this in a nutshell: thatsuper Diamond Mine! You won't be playing Super Diamond Mine at home every Sunday.


The Super Diamond Mine and Deluxe format rewards players with 3-point bonuses for each point on the board which is a big improvement on its 2 prize points-for-a-point counterpart. Super Diamond Minespecial rules are very unusual.
Best possible entertaining casino experience
Best possible entertaining casino experience

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