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Gnomes Gems Slot Machine

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Gnomes' Gems is not available outside North America and, like many other bonus slots, may not be available in other countries once you enter (so, for example, the jackpot was awarded to Canadians even though the jackpot went out on April 19, 2013). We are working out the exact dates and times when we want to roll out Gnomes Gem bonus in North Americas. Princess of Paradise doesn't have to be like every other slot machine out there. Gnomes gems is a five-reel, 20- line slot, designed for those gnomes who want to add a little more extra cash to their gambling accounts so they'll be good for a while. Gnomes gems is a five-reel, 20- line slot, designed to be fun, while not adding big fees, by only playing one slot per day and taking advantage of all the good features on top of that.

The Gnomes Gems inbound bonus consists of 25% gold bonus for the first 40 spins, 50% bonus for every spin after 80 spins, and 60% bonus for every spin after 100 spins. The bonus pool is also increased by 40 spins after every 20 spins, so every extra spin gets you 1/20th of a gold bonus. Christmas Charm Slot can be enjoyed by anyone with a little space to spare. The Gnomes Gems bonus inbound slot has two parts: the bonus slot and the bonus window.

The bonus window is a five-reel, 20- line slot that you can play by playing the slot every day. After you've played the daily slot you can open the bonus window and pay into bankroll with your account. Shaman Spirit UK slot looks and plays a lot like the standard slot machine games of today, with one big exception. Note that the bonus window runs for 30 days, so if on a Friday you're ready to finish and pay in the slot on Tuesday, the slot won't be operational on Wednesday; however, if you are ready to finish and pay out on Tuesday, then you'll know about the slot's availability because it's on Tuesday. When you open the bonus window after the 30-day window has ended, bankroll is removed from your bankroll and the slot is empty for a few minutes so that you get an opportunity to pay the regular fee.

Gnomes' Gems - Promo Video

Gnomes' Gems - Promo Video

Video selected by: SF Studio

After paying, Gnomes Gems automatically fills your bankroll. Unlike the first slot Bonus Slot, you can also pay with the bonus window while in Gnomes Gems after you're done with a slot. It's recommended to pay from the bonus window while in Gnomes Gems with the bonus window opened if you have other slots open right now, since it makes it impossible to miss the 30-day window. Jungle Jim El Dorado video slot offers a unique video gaming experience that takes place in the jungle. After the slot is filled, bankroll is drained and the slot becomes permanently inactive again.


  • You can play the game on any platform available such as your smartphone or tablet but it's recommended you have an Internet connection if you want to have the best experience possible. If you play this online slot machine from Booongo and play for an entire 5 hours and win, we will send you $100 worth of gift cards. It's the only way to get that $100 bonus!I can not recommend Booongo enough for your next slot machine purchase. I hope you have fun playing Gnomes' Gems online slot with us.
  • Gnomes' Gems is not for newcomers and may be limited based on your previous character or bankroll. The bankroll is calculated when players enter the shop, while the Gnomes' Gems card has to be earned. For more information check out our news release.
  • The Gnomes' Gems will be distributed to all players by the game's dedicated team of Gnomeers. Bokoongo has been a leading gaming provider for over 20 years, with over 35 million active players on multiple continents and over 200,000 staff on multiple websites. While the company has been able to grow in stature over the last 3 years it wasn't until recent events that the company's founder, Bill Binney decided to launch Booongo into the market for players. In this way, Booongo has changed the way players are able to play, and helped change society and the way we live our lives on this planet.
A generous bonus with your first casino deposit
A generous bonus with your first casino deposit

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