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KGR Entertainment’s Glamour Gems was first announced as a video game at E3 2013 and was released in Japan on June 15, 2013. The Glamour gems slot machine has already been available in Japan for about 6 months and has a sales record in the region, topping US arcade slot machine games by about 25 times. Blood Queen is a game that is free to download, but there is a charge for all future games in the series. For the Glamour gems slot game to be successful it's going to require some marketing push and publicity.

Glamour Gems doesn't offer many in-transit bonus rewards, but this will need to change if the slot machine is to sell. So it could be fun and exciting to try and catch that elusive golden glitz, but how cheap is it? Sparta Slot Machine is what makes it so special and cutting edge release. Japanese Glamour Gems is $30/each, a bargain for the type of games it's designed to play!

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This is a quick take into what the Glamour gems slot machine can do and also shows an image of LIONLINEslot machine with two diamonds and the gem that plays. Glamor Gems will not be available on all consoles, but we are still seeing some good press mentions and games that have been added to the Glamour gems slot machine's catalog. KGR Entertainment’s Glamour Gems (in red) will be available at select Japanese retail outlets through the next few weeks. Royal Gems has so many advantages to it. It is currently in Japanese arcades, although some select stores may not be accepting it due to a hardware failure.

KGR Entertainment’s video game company, known for their Gekida series (in green at the bottom left on the image, made a Glamor gem to be placed in the Gashapon. Players can earn bonus Gems based on their own character's ranking in the game and these will be displayed when you play the Glamor gem. There might not be anything for Platinum but some players may enjoy the idea of earning Glamour gems. The Mystery Fruit has the number of slots, the number of reels it spins and the wheel of Fortune. For a gem to count as a slot item it must be listed in the game.

This means if your gem is not listed in the game you won't earn any Glamor gems, at least in most cases. There is an automatic "no gem count"-feature on Glamor gems and even when playing with a gem that doesn't show up in the game you'll be able to add one to your collection. Arctic Adventure video slot is a fun game overall but has a serious downside. Most Glamor gem descriptions explain that diamonds won't get you in, and there won't be any gems if you're gold level but Gold level gems will probably get you bonus Gems. That means the Glamor gem with the highest level of all is also going to be the best value at almost $75/gem!

Glamour Gems is a wild symbol that will be able to act as any other symbol if it can then complete combinations of lower value.

We've covered several other gems in the Glamour gems slot machine here and have tried to showcase them for ease of reference, the gem listings are only a bit dated for Glamour gems. Glamour Gems can be found in Japanese arcades on certain dates including the June 15, 2013 release, so if you're in Japan you won't need to wait too long to get one of those gems. Some players might complain that the Glamour gems slot machine seems a bit complex as its easy to get it started but not so intuitive that they don't get the gist of how to play but won't need to read on to understand why everything is so complicated. Play 777 Slots is a must-have! But there you have it, some things to think about.

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  • This is not an issue for the players who want to enjoy the glitzy themes of glitter. You can purchase your own in-store Glamour Gem at Glamour Gems. If you bought a Glamour Gem slot machine on it is possible to play it by swiping it into the slot machine. Glamour gem was first released in 2006 and was rereleased in 2010 to coincide with Glamour Awards 2012.The Glamour awards are held every year in January.
  • I won't bore you with too much detail as we haven't played too many games with the gems, but if you love games where you can spend a whole bucketful of gems in one place and be rewarded with unique rewards every couple of hours you might be willing to try out Glamour Gems (and the accompanying slot machines) for yourself. It's worth mentioning that Glamour Gems does contain microtransactions for purchase that can be used to unlock a variety of different gems such as the Gold Rush, which allows you to trade gems to other players for cash. As with the games mentioned, Glamour Gems slots appear in online multiplayer modes and can also be bought individually from individual players.
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