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If you're one of those hardcore fans of classic slot machines, you'll love the new Route 777 slot machine that takes all the classic games and transforms them for your enjoyment. The Route 777 game features classic games like pinball, slot machines, craps, checkers, table games, blackjack, kangaroo, and countless others. This slot machine also features some very useful features, like a new slot machine, bonus spins, and a cash bonus of 20%! The Triple Red Hot 777 Hot Wheels Special Edition is available now at retail. You can get the slot machine right now for free from the Elmer James Casino.

Route 777 - ELK Studios

Route 777 is a slot machine like no other, loaded with respins and free spins, and not least a very rewarding fortune wheel accompanied by retro styled sound effects. An innovative 3 reels slot which combines the layout of a classic slot machine with a modern dot matrix. https://www.elk-studios.com/games/route-777/

They make it available for the entire internet and there's even plenty of places to visit, starting with Elmer James Game Corner.

Other points of interest:

  • You will be able to play Route 777 online using an intuitive touchscreen system, allowing you to explore the world and your surroundings as you get up and down. The Game will require a PS Vita and an Xbox 360 to play.The game is scheduled for release in 2018, with further updates coming in 2018. In addition to the online slot, there is also a second online offline mode: Route, with all player and partner matches taking place on your mobile phone!This third online slot will be available in 2018-2019, so get ready to play Route 777, and your first experience of Route 777.
  • Elk Studio's online game features a mix of old timey sounds, classic and modern, accompanied by various twists, turns and animations that is really the best of all possible worlds. Players can also use their smartphone or tablet as a remote control, and while they have to press the number button in order to take part, the remote allows the slot machine to act like a traditional, traditional slot machine. Here lies a perfect match for players of all ages, as the classic Route 66 slot machine makes a good choice for those wanting a fresh take on the classic game and even more so for those who may have missed it out on the streets or simply looking for an excuse to stop off and pick some popcorn with their families. Route 777 is set for release on 1st January on Steam Greenlight, a place where developers can submit their game concepts using a wide variety of criteria (with each concept having to fulfill certain criteria, e. length requirements, gameplay features) and garner feedback.Check it out below and join in on the discussion.
  • With Route 777 you'll be able to hop from the back of a Ford F250 Raptor to the roof of a vintage Cadillac Escalade and even ride the rails themselves – no GPS required and no Internet connection required, the entire game is accessible via the web allowing you to download any route you decide to take and even change the time of day and place in between! Check out Route 777 on the Playlist page below for a quick preview.
  • Route 777 offers an open world and a realistic look that brings you back to past times while at home. Route 777 is a fully mobile-optimised slot game that offers you with the ability to play from virtually anywhere. Route 777 is available at the local airports from the start of the month to the end, and you´ll get to use some classic action sequences such as the Battle of the Big Bad.
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