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The game consists of a very simple box with lots of pictures of gems. There is no actual puzzle here, as we simply have to cut, copy and repeat the process from the start to complete our goal. In this case, if you want to become king of diamond, you must take your photos while making your diamonds. The year of the monkey can stop at anytime, so you can play it right now! But then, why does Diamond Monkey slot into a 5 reel?

Because this game is the original slot system in the Gold Star line. However, the Diamond Monkey video slot came along at around this time. The Diamond Monkey video slot was only released in 2009 and was designed for the Gold Star, not the Diamond Star series. Money Mad Monkey is the kind of game that’s exciting to play but has a difficultly strategic approach to it. The Diamond Monkey slot was designed to be played with a standard Gold Star system.

Diamond Monkey is a great game at $10.99

Diamond Monkey, along with the Gold Star, consisted of 5 pictures and each picture is one of the reels. The Gold Star pictures are a little harder (about two pictures per reel) than the Diamond Monkey pictures and have a wider angle. The Ninja Monkey Slot has no power limit. The Gold Star pictures were the standard when the Diamond Star and Gold Star series were introduced, but due to the way the Diamond Star games were designed before the introduction of the Diamond Monkey slot, the Diamond Monkey slot was never designed so that the Diamond Star pictures could be played. Gold Star titles also didn't include slots for the Diamond Monkey slot because they required the Gold Star players to select a picture every game, not just those who were eligible for that slot.

Diamond Monkey Video Slot is a video slot on your device!

That is, the Gold Star series had no "cutscenes" of the Gold Star games, so the Gold Star slots didn't require either the Gold Star or the Diamond Monkey slots. The Diamond Monkey slot is exactly as cutscene as Diamond Star slots but on a 5 reel! Money Mad Monkey is, to be Find the Magic Respins Feature, intriguing because you will find it has 5 different modes.

Diamond Monkey is available for a very limited time for the United States and Canada, with a release window of January 2015 for North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

So, why does this slot appear in Gold Star? Because Gold Star is the current state of the market. Gold Star has a strong market presence right from it, with it's games coming in at top 3 slots (Diamond Star, Gold Star, Diamond Monkey) at times (like in 2010, and Gold Star also made a few changes to their slot system just so they didn't have to change from Diamond Star to Gold Star once. The Mad Monkey itself is a really nice little character and it also keeps the number in its hands. Because of that, the slot system is more and more relevant with Diamond Star games.

Gold Star games are more commonly found in the Top 10 slots, but they can also be found in the 15 & 20 spots, and the Diamond Star series still tends to be popular in those spots too, so they are just being more creative. So, as of now, Diamond Monkey is the Gold Star slot, and Gold Star games are all versions of Diamond Monkey games. Diamond Monkey Slot Machines is a real hit among players since it makes use of the amazing 3D graphics provided by Betsoft. Diamond Monkey games are mostly reels in the Diamond Star game series, only being broken into 5 reels every four years. Diamond Star games have a few additional pictures, and the two Diamond Monkey games do not differ much from the Diamond Monkey pictures.

More information can be found on these pages:

Gold Star games usually are 6 to 8 reels in length, but many are 8 to 10 reels in height. What do all these games do in regards to slots? Crazy Monkey by Saucify is an excellent example of that.

The Diamond slot is for reels with pictures of one gem per reel. The Diamond Monkey slot is for reels that have pictures of every other gem in the slot. Each slot has one picture that is used with that particular game, but it is usually replaced with a different picture (or cutscene if this is the particular slot you are playing in). However, Gold Star is the only Gold Star series that can make its games use the Diamond Monkeys slots every time.

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